Chill Challenge – Failed!

Another DNF.  I'm starting to see a pattern here.  Running & I are not destined for each other.  Another foot injury made me blow off another running event today.  Thankfully, it was a free event by Running Room - Fibre 1 Chill Challenge.  All participants have to run/walk for 20 min. Last couple of days... Continue Reading →

Resolution Run 2011

New Year's Eve never means countdown for me.  Instead, I run ... well, at least for the last 2 years.  Just like last year, I signed up for Running Room's Resolution 5K run at Port Credit.  I normally fuel up properly for a fitness event.  But I'm not sure what came over me in the... Continue Reading →

Kickstart Running with John Stanton!

It has been half a year since my Achilles injury, which means half long year of no running.  During this period of recovery, I've survived through wearing clogs as my only footwear, swimming as my only cardio activity, & emptying my bank account from weekly physio sessions.  Everyone in my proximity must be sick of... Continue Reading →

Runners Expo

The race is here!!!  (Sadly not for me 😥 ) Source I received an email yesterday about a 9AM event at Running Room today.  I arrived this AM & it turns out to be a meetup for Pace Bunnies.....whoops :oops:.  I wish they were more clear on the email.  The Runners Expo started at 10AM. ... Continue Reading →

From 10k to 2K to 0K

My registered 10K race is scheduled tomorrow.  I obviously can't participate in it with my injury. 😦  My bro helped me pick up my race kit today & changed my event from 10K run to 2K walk.  How degrading! 😦 I'm still debating whether to do the walk; I'm leaning towards a "NO".  First, I... Continue Reading →

1 Month Countdown!

Today is exactly 1 month before my race. My Achilles is still not fine & dandy yet.  Even after it heals, I probably need at least a week to gradually build up my run.  Yikes!!   There's not enough time!  😕 I'm still going to physio 2 times a week & applying a hot compress every night.  It's not as... Continue Reading →


I've been suffering through a foot injury since my 10K run in March.  I believe the back of my foot was rubbing against my running shoes.  Since those shoes offered no support & were probably not designed for long distances (hence, I had to buy a new pair of NB runners), my right foot suffered... Continue Reading →

New Fitness Purchases

I ran my first 10K on my own yesterday in 59:57:80 !  I am satisfied with this time for the moment. However, I have never invested in a pair of good running shoes.  I've only started running since last January 2010.  A new pair of running shoes is needed ASAP!  This item has been long... Continue Reading →

Achilles 5K

I participated in my 1st race of 2011.....the Achilles St.Patrick's Day 5K run.  My company is 1 of the sponsors, so I got to run for FREE!!!!  What a treat!  It was quite chilly today.  I was shivering at the starting line even though I wore my turtleneck baselayer, the complimentary Achilles T-shirt, & Lululemon's... Continue Reading →

Resolution 5K Run

I ran my 1st official race today...the Resolution 5K run.  It was quite a turn out....the sea of people on the street sporting Running Room's orange softshell jacket during the run was definitely an amazing sight. My time was 28:32..... After the run, we gathered inside Running Room and were treated to post-run goodies....banana, orange,... Continue Reading →

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