Swim Success

I really pushed myself to the max at my swim tonight.  I literally swam nonstop for an hour.....didn't take my usual 1-2 min breaks. My endurance definitely improved lately.  Exhaling is extremely important in swimming, folks!  It improved my speed & helped me learn bilateral breathing.  Exhalation prevents a buoyant chest & reduces the need... Continue Reading →

Adios Remington

Phew!!  I just came back from my 9PM swim.  I was satisfied with my efforts today....62 lengths (31 laps) in 50-55min. I tend to wash my hair late at night, esp since I frequently go night swimming now.  In the morning.....a head of MESS!   I straighten my hair every other day at the least (i... Continue Reading →

Noob Cappuccino

Thank goodness it's Friday.  It's been a long week. I just made coffee at 8pm...not decaf either.  I just couldn't wait to try my new milk frother in an actual cappuccino, sprinkled with my beloved cinnamon. The presentation was not as pretty my traditional "whisking" foam.  It's mostly because I poured coffee on my milk... Continue Reading →

Craving Cardio

No cardio makes me sluggish - even after a good cup of Joe.  Speaking of a good cup of "Joe", have you ever wondered where Joe originated from:  Check it out here! I haven't had a good cardio session since Tuesday night.  Eeeek!!!  I curse you tendon & TOM!  My tendon is bothering me again... Continue Reading →

Saturday Routine

Happy Weekend!  Laser was still in bed when I went downstairs for breakfast.  My childhood blanket is now hers!! The sink was already full of dishes this early in the morning.  Holy cow, how did this happen? So I took matters into my own hands.....ahhh, MUCH better.  Who doesn't love a clean sink? I let... Continue Reading →

New Swim Regime

I normally do 35min of speed-walking from the train station to my house everyday.  Then I do 12-30min body weight training (courtesy of bodyrock.tv) before bed.  Lately, I have been driving to the train station & haven't been doing any workouts due to my tendon injury.   I have decided to start swimming more during the... Continue Reading →

Rainy Monday

Here we go....it's Monday again and it's raining ... double thumbs down!!  😦 My dog hates rain...especially thunderstorms.  We taught her ever since she was a puppy to stay downstairs.  She follows this rule except everytime it rains, she would come upstairs to find us.  I think somehow in her mind, upstairs is her sanctuary.  To be... Continue Reading →

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