Tour de Hans 2013

Tour de Hans finished off my cycling event for the year.  I was pumped heading to the ride, yet put a lot of pressure on myself to end the season well.  This Gran Fondo Style race takes riders along the scenic Waterloo Region, followed by post-ride Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest celebrations.  Big thanks to all the police for the traffic control and to all the spectators for the support.

IMG_00000757edit It was another spectacular turnout.  The horns and sirens that started off the ride was a bit startling for me.  During the 5km neutral rollout, my legs felt a bit thick.  I knew immediately it won’t be the freshest ride.


The 1st hour of the ride went really well, averaging over 30kph.  Perhaps too well because I was already burned out before 1.5 hours.  I was able to hang with several groups for the most part during the first 50km.  We were forewarned to take caution when riding through the West Montrose Covered Bridge but I found it quite enjoyable.


The last 50km felt simply pathetic.  I was dropped, yet again.  I should be used to it by now, but it affected me a lot that day to the edge of almost giving up.  Once my mind gave up, my whole body followed suit.  There was nothing left in my legs, I ate all the wind, and pretty much pulled myself through to the finish.  There were long stretches where I was pacing at 22-24kph, totally dragging my average pace down.  This route was not considered hilly but it just felt like a constant incline once I hit Waterloo.

Finally, motivation came at 90km when I saw the “10km to Finish” countdown signs.  My mind snapped back in action at last and ended the ride like it should.


Famished and a bit deflated, I went inside the KOOL HAUS tent for some Oktoberfest lunch.  I couldn’t find the Schnitzel nor the sauerkraut anywhere and went for the sausage instead which was delicious.  The mustard on top was quite tasty with a hint of sweetness.  The Official Keg Tapping and Award ceremony finished off the event.


Keg Tapping

I thought I would be sad after this ride since it was the last one, but in a way, it came at a perfect time.  My cycling fire is a bit extinguished.  It’s time to take a break and regain that drive.  Until next year!!

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  1. Glad to see K-W, my chlldhood place, getting into an annual ride and tied to fall celebrations. 🙂 So this ride tends to be just before Oktoberfest? How many riders? I would suggest to the organizers that they serve baked real pretzels. Quite German. (My partner’s name is Hans, a very common German male name and yes, he immigrated long ago from Germany.)

    1. Yes, it’s the kickoff to the K-W Oktoberfest. Seems to be the first event on their schedule. Quite a good turnout, but don’t know the true numbers – the announcer did say it was better than last year. I THINK they had pretzels as snacks in the morning!

  2. Cherry- i’ve been away for awhile- I love the new look!! Any race that ends with a keg tapping and German food sounds awesome in my book! Great way to finish up the season! I’m guessing it’s starting to get a bit chilly?

    1. Thanks! The post-event of this race is exciting! It’s not so much getting chilly, more of just lack of motivation. I am sure I will fit a bit more riding in before snow comes upon me!

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