Tour de Mississauga 2013

I jumped into another ride in less than 24 hrs after the 125km GranFondo Niagara Falls.  I enjoy Tour de Mississauga each year for its lack of entry fee and convenience — right at the neck of my ‘hood. The ride to the start was barely 5km.  The second I plopped on the saddle, I knew I was in for an interesting 100km, interestingly painful.


It was still quite empty and tents were being set up when I arrived at Check-In.  I patiently waited for the expected 2300+ riders!



The plan was to ride at a moderate pace to save my dead legs, and if sufficiently skilled, ride the entire route out of the saddle to save my sore rear.  Sadly, the plan was ditched & forgotten where it belonged …. at the Start.  The adrenaline was too overwhelming and I rode to the limit, pushing until 30km when I felt completely drained.  The countdown to the finish started there which meant a LONG way to go.  The route was thankfully quite flat, riding along commercial and residential roads.

The rest of the ride was a blur, except for the vivid “Can this end?”  I kept going — The quicker I ride, The quicker I finish.  The Rest Stop well over 50km was much needed.

RestMy brain eventually learned to filter out the soreness and the last 20km became more enjoyable.  I was glad to see the finish.  With thousands of riders that day, the lineup to the BBQ lunch was nothing but spectacular!  Too tired and breezy to stand in line, lunch was skipped, opting for the warm interior of a nearby Second Cup.

Tour de Mississauga tends to land on the same weekend as another ride each year but I never had much issues with them because they were ridden leisurely.  This year, I rode hard in a chipped ride the day before. The lack of enjoyment was purely due to personal reasons, not the ride itself.  The event was nicely organized and the directional stickers were much better than last year (less stickers were peeled off).  Excellent job to the organizers!

Hopefully next year, I will be fit enough to enjoy 2 hard rides in a row!

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