Tour de Waterloo Pre-Ride

Last weekend was sunny with strong gusty winds, perfect for some fun rides that will blow you away!  To prepare for Tour de Waterloo at the end of June, I pre-rode the route to see what was in store.  This race intrigues me because it takes place near University of Waterloo, my old fiend.  It will be neat to do something fun in this city for a change, where the only numbers I study are those on my speedometer ….


Immediately out of the start, I missed the 1st turn.  Time to turn back to the start line to reset the timer.  4km of wasted energy!  This was sadly not the last time, extending the route from 73km to 83km … university has taught me nothing about geography.

Lost … roadie meets gravel

The route was much hillier than I expected and the rollers kept on rolling, one after another.  Thankfully, the scenic route distracted me from the terrain and the countless cows, horses, geese, and groundhogs along the way continued to cheer me on.  It was the perfect country road for cycling under minimal traffic.  I’ve never ventured to this part of Waterloo before, who knew?!  It made me rethink how much better my university life would’ve been if I took up cycling back then.  I’d hammer down these roads after class instead of pretending to study in my dingy room.  There were the occasional waft of toxic manure fumes but that was a low price to pay.

Rowdy spectators

It was a tough ride.  I practiced riding and maintaining at higher gears as the relentless headwinds defeated me, eventually draining out all my energy.  In the end, my legs felt stiffer than my ride up Parc de la Gatineau last weekend!


This was a useful ride, now I can visualize the race route!  One thing for certain, I am so glad I registered for 70km and not 130km.  The latter would have been a pure sufferfest!!

Do you scope out your race route or prefer the element of surprise?

8 thoughts on “Tour de Waterloo Pre-Ride

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  1. This is my favourite cycling event of all! You’re going to love it. So well organized with great support and food etc. Too bad you’re going to miss Hawkesville hill at the end of the 130km though : )
    Hope to see you there

    1. It was a long debate, but after testing out the route, definitely 70km if I want to spare myself coming in last! Really excited for this one, see ya there!

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