Best Spot in the Lot

Who has the best parking spot at the train station?  That would be me!  Last Thursday commemorates my 1st bike commute of 2013.  No battles with drivers.  No line up for parking.  Closest spot to the station.

Its once a year cleaning was promised prior to its big day; so new dust can settle on it as it waits patiently for my return from work.  My loyal heavy mammoth!

Nothing adventurous about an insane 5.8km commute.  Supercycle simply requests at least one spotlight on this blog per year.  This is it, buddy!  Savour it.

Hope everyone is fitting in some good rides this Easter weekend!  

9 thoughts on “Best Spot in the Lot

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    1. I’m the most old-school when it comes to cleaning. Nothing fancy, just a local biodegradable degreaser here, MEC Bio-Cycle Chain Cleaner. Put it in the chain cleaner and run the chain through to remove most of the grime. Then here’s the old school part ….. I use a towel and clean each chain link until they are silver.

        1. That’s even MORE old-school (or inefficient/nuts as I’ve been told). I take a piece of blue Shop towel, fold it twice, put it between sprockets, & move the towel side-to-side to wipe all the grime off until both sides of each sprocket is silver.

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