Speed Work

Sprinting is not my forte.  I prefer expending my energy over long distances.  It’s more pleasurable for my mind & body when I go long and steady.  However, this will be put aside for a short while.  From now until mid-March, my focus is on speed work.

It was announced last Monday that my company is once again sponsoring the St. Patrick’s Day Achilles 5K.  I’m normally not this excited about a 5K because my commute time to the race takes longer than running it!  But this particular race is different.  I ran it 2 years ago, only to have a colleague beat me by 1 fat minute who, at the time, had an aching thigh & a cold.  Last year was my chance to redeem myself until a foot injury stole it from me.  I didn’t even make it to the start line!

AchillesThis year is my year – redemption time!  My plan is to focus on upping my tempo runs until March, beat my colleague, then refocus on steady long runs to build up my distance for the upcoming Half.  I will also position myself at the start closer to the front (or at least in front of him) to prevent being slowed down by the huge crowd!

The only thing coming between me winning & him eating my dust is another injury – I’m looking at you shin pains!!  My shins have been acting up lately.  I believe it has to do with running with Running Room last month.  The “no one gets left behind” policy is apparently false.  Running with them was stressful.  The Wednesday runs were late in the evenings in the dark, running along unfamiliar routes.  I was constantly pushed past my limits to catch up to them before the traffic lights turned red for fear of getting lost.  Otherwise, I would be stuck at an intersection watching them run out of sight.  My 1st session involved running the longest distance in my life with hill repeats.  My original intent was to “train up” to that distance with them!  It was simply too much distance, too quick, too fast.  I’ve called it quits after 2 sessions.  With a body that doesn’t handle high impact sports well, I rather train on my own at my own pace within my own limits.  The only reason I may run with them in the future is to check out various training techniques.

I still haven’t invested in a GPS-enabled watch but I’m starting to look into one especially since my cyclocomputer is running low on battery and I’m tired of mapping out my runs all the time.  In the meantime, the Sports Tracker App on my phone will have to do; although I can’t say I trust the recorded kCal or my max pace, unless I’m superwoman.


My recent focus has been running.  Don’t worry, once this winter becomes history, I’ll befriend my wheels again who is still sadly hanging out in the basement right now.

Last week’s training was quite decent:
Mon – Abs
Tues – 75min Spin
Wed – 6.7km Run
Thurs – Body Weight Workout
Fri – 60min Spin

It’s all about tempo now, even in spinning.  Watching a race on TV while spinning on Friday, I realize how slow my cadence is compared to those racers.  I’ll need to apply tempo training to cycling soon!  Alright, my competitive juice is spilling out.  It’s been 2 years, let’s finish off this unfinished business!

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  1. Good job your on your running. Love to see you so committe! 🙂 I just bought a Garmin 310XT and I love it.. although I’m still learning how to use it. I chose that one because it’s multisport and I can use it for both cycling and running.

  2. Good for you on focusing on speed work (agree it’s so hard, but benefits are so worth it!). I looove my Garmin 910xt, though it is a little pricey, but I use it for about every workout. Also too bad about the run group; hope you can maybe find a different group to run with, I enjoy running & hill workouts so much more that way!

    1. Yours has all the features I want plus more. I’ve been browsing your Garmin & other models – I can’t distinguish much differences between them. The swimming function like many Garmins is probably a stretch for me since triathlon is too intimidating for me. But it seems like it’s either the “Tri-sport” or just a normal watch. It’s probably because I keep looking at neat ones with high price ranges, I can’t help it!

    1. Yes, I’ve tried running with compression socks for my last 2 runs. They do help initially but the pain comes back later in the run. I’ll continue to wear them though because they are minimizing the problem!

  3. So glad you are listening to your body and saving your competitive side for the race, not the training! Maybe the running group will be good for you down the road, but great call for now! I love my Garmin, but wouldn’t be nervy enough to take it in water either way ;o) Never say never about triathlon though….

    Have battled with the shin splints before too- so frustrating! Will be cheering you on from afar for your race!!!

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to listen to my body, but it’s so easy to ignore! Which Garmin model do you have? I don’t expect mine to be waterproof, but some neat features (& sharp colour) wouldn’t hurt!

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