Blizzard Treat

Ok fine, it wasn’t a blizzard yesterday.  It was just snow.  But it inspired me to whip up a “blizzard” – a Soft Serve Banana Blizzard.  A ripe banana actually made it to the freezer without being eaten!  Bananas never last in my house.  We are all bananas over bananas!!

For the “mix-in” in the Blizzard, I made 2 batches of Fudge Bites.  I modified the recipe with whatever I had in my cabinet.

  • 1.5C Pitted dates
  • 4T Cocoa powder
  • 1C Almonds

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor.  Save 2 Tbsp in this lumpy form.  I rolled the rest into energy balls!

Time to make the Soft Serve:

  • 1 Frozen banana, chopped
  • 2T Fudge bites

Blend together in a food processor.  Sprinkle some Fudge Bites on top for good luck. It can be eaten immediately but freezing it for 15-20min gives it a better texture!

That was my breakfast!  I was fueled up & energized for some upper body exercises called “Snow Shoveling”, which I kind of enjoyed!


Shoveling doesn’t end at the driveway. Dog owners out there! Do you dig a path for your pooch all the way to the backyard?  I do!!  My dog is in her senior years. With age comes problems like arthritis.  Stairs are a huge challenge for her.  To avoid going down the stairs to our garage when she goes out for walks, she resorts to going through the back door …

With “strength training” done, I went out for a 9K run for my 1st experience running on snow.  It was quite enjoyable for the most part, with some hops over snow banks on the curb.  I wore my compression socks for the 2nd time since I purchased them last yearI totally forgot about them!  They definitely helped alleviate my shin pain I had 2 weeks ago.  When I approached my last 2km, my shins started hurting again along with the muscles at the front of my legs below the knee cap all the way to the ankle.  I might be totally wrong but it could be my Tibialis Anterior.  Looks like I need to research ways to stretch out these areas.

I’m aiming for more strength training next week.  This week was cardio oriented with spinning & a run.  Can you tell I like cardio?

Do you like running on snow?

For those who celebrate it, Happy Chinese New Year!

9 thoughts on “Blizzard Treat

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  1. Ahhhh love that you shovel a walk way to the backyard! Sometimes I miss shoveling snow. And thanks for another great recipe!

  2. I love making banana ice cream! Except I’m trying to cut back sugar and I eat so many bananas it’s totally bringing up my daily sugar intake so I can only afford to get it in my morning smoothies! I usually freeze it too the night before so I can have a slushy texture! So good.

  3. I’m amazed! I have never, ever ran in snow!!! I love it that you shovel a path for your puppy- so sweet! Our puppy is in her senior years too. Compression socks are a lifesaver for me too- just think of it as another layer of warmth!

    1. Running on snow is fun, except when there are patches of ice or hills of snow!! I love compression socks too. They’re not miracle socks but they certainly give me extra comfort when running.

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