Someone to Thank

I don’t know this person.  This person doesn’t know me.  He probably won’t read this either. But I want to thank him for making my day ….

IMG-20130208-00645Toronto was hit with 25cm+ snow today.  Driving on snow terrifies me.  So I walked home after work from the train station.  Let’s put a cardio twist to it! I took a detour to a nearby grocery store to buy some food “weights”.  I put the food in my backpack, snapped on my sternum & waist straps (ObusForme fanatics will understand!), & bolted with a big grin on my face. A 3km distance of un-shoveled sidewalk.  No big deal, that’s what my new winter boots are for!  I followed the tracks on the snow created by previous pedestrians, hopping from one footprint to the next.  Get those “high knees” going!  A minute later, I was exhausted.  My grin became a straight face; my run became a march.  Still in good spirits, I continued until I hit a path that “no man traveled” with no footprints in sight.  To make matters worst, the path narrowed & all the snow from the road was piled there, reaching up to my thighs.  I couldn’t help but laugh as I literally jerked my entire body upwards to move.

This “knee-high” path eventually narrows into a “thigh-high” path

Up ahead, a car suddenly stopped.  Just another car “stuck” on the road.  I caught up to it a few minutes later.  At first I thought the driver wanted to ask for directions.  Nope!  He asked if I wanted a ride to the main road that was at least 4 blocks away.  Deep down, I was tempted since the entire path up ahead was thigh-high in snow until I reach the residential area.  But my skeptical nature kicked in.  So I lied about being “almost there” & thanked him.  I hope I didn’t come off as rude.  I sincerely appreciated him for stopping & waiting on the road for so long just to help out a pedestrian in need.

I continued on.  The chilly wind was rough – my good spirits turned sour; my straight face was stuck at straight since it was frozen. I had trouble blinking with my Popsicle eyelashes.  My eyebrows became a block of ice on my face.  Interesting phenomenon!  This 3km took me close to an hour to finish.

Since last week, one of my “personal growth” goal is to write down 1 positive thing that happened each day.  I hope to make it a habit, eventually transforming myself into a positive thinker.  Positive thinking is powerful & can be applied to my bike rides or runs.  A tough ride, for example, may require competency but positive thinking plays a fundamental part.

For today, this was it.  This simple gesture offered by a stranger truly meant a lot to me.  I wish there were more people like that.  Whoever you are, “Thank you”!! 😀

Do you have any personal “growth” goals?

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