Mood Busters

Another “interesting” work week, which translates to a couple of missed spin classes and not meeting my cardio targets yet again.  It’s been a battle lately to find time to focus on personal goals.

What kept me sane & motivated over the week?

Registering for a Half, a Century, & a Race.  My wallet has been doing all the work; now it’s my turn to pick up the slack!!

Possessing a large batch of Chocolate Pudding – my recent obsession!! (Thanks Meredith for sharing the recipe with me!)  It calls for:

  • 2 avocados
  • 1/4 C cocoa powder
  • 1/2 C honey (A couple drizzle is enough for me – I like my cocoa DARK!)

I used to follow that portion size.  But it’s too unbelievably awesome!  It only makes sense to increase that size ….


When it’s freshly made, it reminds me of chocolate frosting on a cupcake.  But WAIT!  Resist the urge to eat it yet!  The true magic happens after refrigerating it overnight.  It firms up a bit and becomes fudge-like with an ice cream consistency.  Does that even make sense? It’s indescribable except mind-blowing good!!  I normally just grab a spoon (no patience for a bowl) & dig in.  Sometimes I use it as a fruit dip.  My favourite is with strawberries – a classic!  I even spread it on top of my Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie (mix 4 Tbsp oats + 1 egg in a bowl; microwave 1min) with peanut butter.  A breakfast that tastes like Reese’s PB cups!!  Now you see why I make such a large batch?  The rich, dark chocolate flavour is truly a chocoholic’s dream!!

And I cannot leave out my Home-made Hot Chocolate that I make on most nights.  I don’t use store-bought hot chocolate powder mix.  They are overly sweet without enough chocolate flavour.  I’m a die-hard dark chocolate fan, preferably over 85% cocoa.  Besides, making my own requires the same effort as boiling water for store-bought mixes!  Don’t be shocked by my ingredient measurements – I use a huge mug :D:

  • 1/2 C milk (any type)
  • 1+1/4 C water
  • 2Tbsp cocoa powder
  • A few drizzle of honey (depends on your sweet tooth)

I purchased Coconut Milk for the 1st time this week.  I admit I’m not a fan of it on its own.  But when I use it in my coffee & hot chocolate (to replace dairy milk), it really kicks them up a notch & adds a heavenly smell!

I never blogged much about food until a few weeks ago.  This explains one reason – it forces me to expose my Chocoholism!! 😳 There you have it …. What helps me de-stress & move forward? Chocolate & planning tours & races!!

How do YOU manage your time each day in a busy world?

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  1. Oh that pudding is oh so good! I actually make hot cocoa too-remind me to get you my recipe. It has dates in it! Love this post! Bookmarking it for sure! One more thing-time is the only thing you can never “get back”. So make sure you’re truly living-don’t cheat yourself

    1. Thank goodness you told me about the pudding – it’s now a staple in my fridge. Please do let me know about the hot cocoa recipe … it sounds interesting. You know what, I’m reading Lesson 1 of the *uh-hem* leadership course this wknd, & it mentioned the same thing – time is the only 1 resource we can control. It should be spend on high-payoff activities. Alright, enough about that ….!! 🙂

        1. yep, it’s continuing for most of us – just down a couple players! I was listening to the lesson (it’s on CD) during breakfast – terrific start of a day eh?!

  2. oh i love this! i think i NEED to make this pudding for sure. gosh i can relate to you on the work front and not having enough time to pursue my goals. i am ready to tackle some but work is in the way…….thank you for this post. i liked the peak into your life and your recipes!

    1. thanks kalli! I’m working on my delegation skills so that I have more time for work that’s of value to me! I have a tendancy to just say “ok, I’ll do it” … and that’s no good anymore when I have so much work that was supposed to be due “yesterday”!!

  3. I tried a similar recipe like that once which made me realized that I really dislike avocados!! I think it’s that buttery taste/texture that puts me off. I use to love them though. Maybe I just ate too many!!

    1. I’ve always loved avocados!! hmm, guacamole 🙂 I’m surprised you can taste the avocado in this recipe though – I find the cocoa overpowers the mild taste of avocados. Or maybe I always just put a dash too many as a “precaution”!

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