Thanksgiving Weekend

My goal for Thanksgiving long weekend was far from anything “turkey related”.  Instead, it was to ride until my legs give-out since winter doom is fast upon us.  Plus, riding is the best way to check out Fall colours!

Mission failed! 😦 I only got 1 ride in on Saturday.  My route was all mapped out for Sunday but all efforts went to waste when the forecast suddenly changed Sunday AM.  Showers starting at 2PM!!  I went for a short run instead.  The ride on Monday is also cancelled with a sudden family trip.

SATURDAY – Rattlesnake Point, Milton (ROUTE MAP)

A tough hilly & windy ride –  over 30km/hr of headwind all the way to Milton!  It took me 1hr to stop pitying myself.  In the past, I always passed by Rattlesnake Point fearing all its hills.  I stuck to “safer” hills in the area like Mount Nemo & the intimidating “6th Line hill“. But I finally climbed my way to Rattlesnake Point.

Taking a break on Appleby Line just North of the hairpin descent.

The ride featured a tough climb on Steeles Ave East of Appleby Line, followed by a steep descent with hairpin turns on Appleby Line North of Derry Rd.  My hands were tired from squeezing the brakes!

Sideroad 3 had trees bordering the road.  At times, I forgot I was pedaling a bicycle as I admired the scenery.  Consumed by Nature’s beauty, I was suddenly hit by a 24% grade hill with a hairpin turn on Twiss Rd North of Derry Rd.  Without thinking, I burst out loud to a friend up ahead, “Holy Sh*t!  Why didn’t you warn me about this?!”  Little did I know, a guy was …well, sh*tting by a bush beside the road!!!  Startled by my voice on a quiet street, his head definitely turned in my peripheral vision.  Caught ya! HAHA!  Alas, I got beaten by the hill & succumbed to a “Walk-of-Shame”.  There goes my 2012 clean slate. 😦

Leaves are definitely changing colour.  Just 2 weeks ago, it looked like THISLook at it now….

Rattlesnake Point viewed from Derry Rd. We were just up there!
94km ride. Yep, rain was drizzling near the end of the ride.


I’m a bit thankful the weekend turned out this way.  If the original ride went ahead, I would’ve overdone my aching body.  I woke up Sunday morning with strain in both calves, a swollen ankle, and aching neck.  My run was cut short when my right leg suddenly went numb.  Ice time …. I hope nothing is injured!!

I guess I did achieve my goal – my legs gave out after all?!  Be careful what you wish for!! 🙂

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  1. How long was the longest climb you’ve ever done? I don’t use a bike computer nor do I check the elevation and inclines of my hills because I always ride for fun only but now I’m curious!

    1. umm, longest climb – I would like to say 2km, but it probably just felt that way. It’s probably more like 1km. Although, I did do a race where it was gradual uphill most of the way, so it’s a tough call! If that counts, that would be over 50km hahaha!! I usually check elevation after the ride if I really struggled on it just to see!!

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