Fall is Here

Hello Fall!!  Today’s ride to Mount Nemo (ROUTE MAP) kicks off my 1st Fall ride of the season.  I’m sad to see summer go, but seeing Fall colours is quite refreshing!  The weather was FAR from motivating, wind speed reaching a high of 37km/hr.  YUCK!  I was on autopilot to move my butt out the door.

The wind blew me in all directions, except forward!!  For the 1st 10km, the only thought I had was “I’m nuts.  This is nuts .….”.  The trip to Nemo was mostly heavy headwind.  Why aren’t I moving?!  Either that or the wind was blowing me to the side.  I held on tight for fear of flying to the gutter or the car beside me. Unmotivated as ever, I wanted to abort the climb to Nemo at the base of the hill.  Oh, what am I doing?!  I went for it last minute.  Return trip was MUCH better – mostly tailwind!!

Leaves are still mostly green.  Can’t wait to see more colour changes on my next ride ….

5th Line
Riding on Derry Rd, passing Rattlesnake Point (Milton, ON)
At the top of the climb to Mount Nemo (Burlington, ON)
Return trip on Lower Base Line
A slow 71.5km ride. Tough ride!!

Don’t get me wrong …. I MISS YOU SUMMER!!! 😦

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