Sugar Crash

Awesome, amazing long weekend.  I couldn’t have asked for anything else.  Another successful ride (ROUTE MAP) with awesome company & gorgeous sights to see.  As promised from my last ride, I swallowed (with water) another 15 tabs of ENERGYbits before the ride for “Experiment#2” (Still refusing to take 30 tabs – my belly would be full of water otherwise!!)

For today’s ride, I revisited Cheltenham Badlands (Caledon, ON).  No matter how many times I come here, this place never ceases to amaze me.  It baffles me how such a unique place is so close to home!!!!

Lunch break at my favourite coffee shop of all times – The Shed Coffee Bar in Erin, ON.  Guess what’s for lunch??  Let’s get that sugar ON!  Banana chocolate chip loaf, brownie, and latte in a bowl!!!  Oh how I love cycling!!! 😀

Best lunch EVER!
No traffic – awesome!

It was the LONGEST break I’ve ever taken during a ride – a whopping 2 hours!  I had to drag myself out of the shop.  Completely unmotivated & sluggish, I put on my helmet & spun my legs.  The sugar rush was gone by then.  SUGAR CRASH!!  No miracle food can help me now!  C’mon ENERGYbits, do your thing!!!

My pace was ridiculous & I hit the wall at 80km.  I need some protein!  I whipped out a protein bar & ate it on the go.  10km later, I had another energy bar.  Just starving!!!  I don’t usually say this but “Can this ride end?!”  Thankfully, little motivations came along like trying to chase down a pizza delivery car (hmm, pizza!!) & riding by a huge nursery farm.  The trees & bushes were beautifully lined up row after row.

104km ride

Cycling burns a lot of energy, easily burning over 2000 calories on such ride.  Without “proper” food consumed, even ENERGYbits can’t sustain an entire ride.  It’s a superfood, not a miracle food after all!!  Hitting the wall today was clearly a personal fault (but with no regrets! 😆 ).

Go ahead, try some ENERGYbits & see for yourself!!!

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  1. I tend to forget to eat during long rides too but I never get hungry or thirsty even after 70+km. I think it’s because I workout so much and hydrate myself even when I’m not working out so my body learns to sustain itself. It’s not good though because I know I should be eating for more energy!

    1. I don’t usually become hungry during the ride – but immediately after the ride & for the rest of the day, I’ll clear my refrigerator!! Lately though, I actually get real hungry & thirsty. Probably because of timing (riding at lunch time) & it’s been really HOT here!!! Good point about hydration, I’ve been forcing myself to drink more water outside of workouts.

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