ENERGYbits on a ride

The folks at ENERGYbits recently sent me a sample to review.  Drum roll for my 1st product review!  ENERGYbits are made from 100% organic spirulina algae with only 1 calorie per tab.  It is high in protein (64%), increasing energy & endurance while curbing hunger.  Although they appear to be pills, they are actually “bits of food”.

A long Labour Day weekend screams “CYCLING”.  Saturday’s ride took us from Oshawa to Port Hope & back for a total of 100km.  Perfect time to test out some ENERGYbits, especially since I was extremely exhausted Saturday AM from a lack of sleep.  My legs were also tired from all the spin classes the past week.  Will ENERGYbits give me that extra boost of energy??

Knowing I’ll be cycling again in 2 days, I didn’t take the recommended 30 tabs per serving.  It seemed A LOT!  I swallowed about 15 tabs (refused to chew it!) before pedaling off from Oshawa. They certainly have an acquired taste.  Both my friend & I agree they smell like fish food.  I could smell it even at arm’s length!!

ENERGYbits (Dim lighting – photographed at an underground parking lot in Oshawa)

It was my 1st time riding this route & I loved it!  The entire ride was along Hwy 2, running parallel to Lake Ontario.  Very scenic with farms all around.  For the 1st 20km, fatigue & sluggishness lingered.  But it gradually got better as I rode on.  The urge to nap & my recovery time (ie. after an uphill) lessened.

Typical scenery on the ride

At 50km, we hit Lake Ontario at Mill St. in Port Hope, signalling our turnaround point.  Gorgeous view with a strong fishy smell. (Goes well with the whole ENERGYbits theme!)

Turnaround point at Port Hope
Lake Ontario at Port Hope

On the return trip, I felt like I could ride forever.  I wasn’t sleepy anymore & my legs could sustain the long distance.  One of the rest stops was anything but ordinary.  3 girls were horseback riding at the Tim Horton’s Drive-Thru!!  A rare & random sight!!!

Drive-Thru is kicked up a notch at Tim Horton’s!
Rest stop at gas station

Once we returned to Oshawa, my legs didn’t feel spent.  Could all this energy really be from ENERGYbits??

100km trip

Let’s Reflect!

It’s under debate where the energy came from.  I narrowed it down to 3 sources:
1) 2 Nuun electrolytes taken during the ride (in my water).  I tried a new flavour (Kona Cola) which contains 20mg of caffeine per tablet;
2) 15 ENERGYbits taken a few minutes before the ride;
3) Small coffee drank an hour before the ride

The coffee can safely be eliminated since I drink too much regularly to have much effect.  Somehow, I believe the energy primarily came from the Nuun tablets.  I wasn’t able to sleep that night even though I felt sleepy.  This is usually caused by too much caffeine.  However, ENERGYbits do NOT contain caffeine!!  To further prove the point, I had a Nuun tablet during a spin class last week on a particularly sleepy day.  The caffeine kicked in & kept me awake.

Like all sport products, further investigation is necessary in my ride come Monday.  But one thing is certain.  I consumed something that provided me with more sustainable energy, avoiding any “hit the wall” scenarios.

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  1. hi cherry! this is actually kalli from fitandfortysomething…..hubbys logged in and i was too lazy to log him out etc… this review! it is thoughtful, true (fish smell) and awesome because you are a riding phenom!

  2. I actually like the idea of this….where can I purchase or try these out? I like the idea of superfood and energy that doesn’t come from coffee! Again, awesome photos-you certainly know how to live it up on the weekends. If you feel like cycling over tomorrow, I made an apple pie and some oatmeal-raisin-goji berry cookies!

  3. Hi Cherry! Thanks so much for your review of ENERGYbits. Would you consider taking them for another ride but with the recommended 30 tabs this time? I can pretty much assure you that the energy you felt came from the ENERGYbits. They are 100% spirulina algae which has the highest concentration of protein in the world (all in amino acid form so your body absorbs it instantly). This is what gives you the energy, combined with the nitric oxide that it releases into your blood stream, which opens them up naturally so your body and brain can have more blood flow, more oxygen and more nutrients delivered so you don’t fatigue. Just thought you might like to know the science behind why it works and why Olympic athletes have been using spirulina algae for five decades (the Germans even won a Nobel Prize in the early 1900’s for discovering it had the highest concentration of protein in the world…so just wanted you and your blog readers to know that we’re not making this stuff up:)) Anyway, thanks so much and thank you for encouraging other bloggers to take us for a test drive too:) BTW if anyone asks, the ONLY place you can purchase our ENERGYbits is online at any of our websites including And please offer anyone a 10% discount if they enter the word BLOG into our coupon box! You too!!! And hey, as a sidenote, I though you might be amused to know that while I am the Founder and CEO of ENERGYbits, I am not only Canadian (living in BOston) but I grew up in OSHAWA!!! It appears from your blog that you live in Oshawa? Yup I did too for most of my childhood in fact:) I attended R.S McLaughin Public School, Ridgeway and then R.S McLaughlin High Schoo, I skiied at Kirby and rode most of those back roads you wrote about in your blogl! And all my best friends from school still live there! Small world eh? If you want to reach me directly you can contact me at Thanks again:) catharine arnston, Founder and CEO

    1. Wow, really small world. I actually live in GTA area. My friend & I drove to Oshawa on Saturday purposely for the ride. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad to have discovered this product. Do you plan on selling them in smaller bulks (couple servings each) in the near future?

      1. Hi Cherry, thanks for your reply! Yes, very small world indeed! Since you live in GTA, did you take the GO train to Oshawa? And thanks for asking about the smaller sizes. Yes, we are in the process of adding two smaller sizes for everything and they will be up on the site by the end of September. And you’ll be happy to know we ship to Canada every week already! As you know, Canadians are very aware of health and the environment so I’m not surprised we have avid fans up there…and being from Canada it was important to me that we make the product available there! So, check back with us at the end of September and hopefully you’ll find our smaller sizes on our sites! Thanks again:) Be well, Cheers, Catharine

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