6th Line Hell

I resumed my hill training at Milton.  Today’s target was the hill on 6th Line (ROUTE MAP).  I can’t think of any other way to describe it except “Sheer Hell“.  It was absolute terror as I turned onto 6th Line.  The hill went on forever!  Too bad photos never give any hill justice …

Perhaps zoom in?

I took a few minutes to gather some courage.   The hill started out steep.  Less than midway up, the steepness reduced for a bit before becoming really steep again all the way to the top.  I struggled the most on the last part.  It was all mental.  I focused on my upstrokes & told myself “I’m almost there” (even though I know I’m not!).  If any ounce of self-doubt existed, I know my legs would stop pushing right at that second.  Between trying to breathe & keeping my mind from going to the dark side, I started to get light-headed.

At the top, I could pedal no more.  I was hunched over my bike gasping for breath.  It was probably a bad idea to stop immediately & not stretch.  My legs felt like jello when I set off again – wobbly as ever.  As I continued on, I realized the entire road on 6th Line was not a “walk in the park“.  Lots of intimidating hills.

The return trip was a joy though, reaching a max of 67.4km/hr without much effort.  I’m not sure if I have the motivation to try this route again this season.  It’s a bit too extreme for my abilities.  With that said, knowing the hill on Appleby Line is even steeper, I’m pretty sure I won’t be trying that hill anytime soon!

96.5km Trip

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  1. That “hill” section is almost 1 km long with almost 10% avg & ~15% pk grade. I also prefer riding south on that hill.

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