Bike to Work Day 2012

I returned to the Mississauga crowd for the 6th annual Bike to Work Day.  This event is held at various locations in the GTA & Hamilton Area to kick off the cycling season & promote cycling as a smart way to commute.  I attended the Toronto Event last year but it just didn’t feel right – the crowd was too disperse & I didn’t feel at home.  This year, I’m back at my home city.  It may be a huge detour to work, but anything for cycling!!

The weather pulled off extremely well. The forecasted thundershowers never showed; we got blue sky!  I cycled to Riverwood Park Conservancy to receive my complimentary tech shirt & for a short 4.2 km group ride to the event. While waiting, I met a lovely couple on a tandem (Brenda & her husband) who belonged to the Toronto Bicycle Network.  She shared some of her past & upcoming trips organized by the club.  I envy them!

Supercycle posing at Riverwood Park Conservancy

Finally we were off!  A stream of cyclists in green, escorted by police on bikes took over Burnhamthorpe Rd as we rode to Mississauga Celebration Square for the event.  People in cars were missing out!!  As soon as I arrived, I didn’t go towards the food.  I headed straight to the FREE TUNE UP!!  My Supercycle was in dire need of one.  I’ve been using it like a fixie – it can barely shift!!  I went to the Cyclepath booth.  The mechanic took a look, tried out the gears, & gave me a coupon for a tune-up at their bike shop (that’s saying something).  The diagnosis: crankarms are wobbly (I’ll eventually break the bearing), chains are worn out, wheels are shifted.  Basically, it’s a goner.  Just like a person, I believe my bike’s health requires a 2nd opinion.  I refuse to believe my bike is seeing the “light”.  I waited at a nearby tent, La Bicicletta, for another tune-up.  This mechanic made some adjustments as best as my garbage derailleur would allow.  I was pretty happy with the result! 😀 I can shift!!

Waiting for Tune-up

A happy cyclist needs some free Breakfast!!!  That’s when the mess started.  The paper plates were so “heavy duty” (sarcasm!), it could barely support my food.  I literally used it like a pita pocket!  Then I lost control of the syrup.  Out it came & everything was drenched – my food, my hands, a bit on my shirt.  It was dripping out of the plate as I headed to Brenda’s table.  Sticky mess!!!

Food – fruits, scramble eggs, sausage, pancakes
Syrup soaked breakfast
Good turnout
Breakfast line up was too long to get seconds. Too bad!

There was also a BMX show.  Unfortunately, I had to catch a train for work & couldn’t watch it.

BMX show

I got the cycling-bug.  So much fun!!!  I wanted to go home, grab my roadie, & go for a long ride. Heck, I’ll even use my Supercycle!!  I was so hyped up (the sugary breakfast helped), it was hard to face the reality that it’s Monday.  Work is calling. 😦

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    1. Ohh thank you so much for the award!! Rush hour in Toronto is pretty brutal too! I usually just cycle to a train station & take the train to Toronto for work. Times when I do bike to Toronto, I park my bike once I hit downtown & walk a couple blocks to office to avoid traffic.

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