I Found Nemo

Thanks to everyone’s suggestions last week, I’ve concluded that “If I want hills, go to Milton”.  Milton has 3 featured hills in order of increasing agony: 1) Mount Nemo on Guelph Line; 2) 6th Line North of Campbellville Rd; 3) Appleby Line North of Derry Rd.  Being someone whose keen on living through the weekend, I chose Mt. Nemo.  Last-chance hill training!! Next weekend is the bike race up 6000 ft in elevation at Gran Fondo.  Ready or not, I’m going!!! 😀

A recap of this past weekend’s search for Nemo (Route Map).

SATURDAY (45km) – Didn’t find Nemo
Short on time.  Turned around 6 blocks (~9km) shy of Guelph Line, ending up on Ontario St.  Uh Oh, construction road!  I was squeezed in a 1-lane street with no room for passing.  This meant angry drivers.  A lady even screamed at me to “move aside” as her car zoomed past me a few inches away once the oncoming traffic cleared.  She’s a “crazies” in my books.


SUNDAY (70km) – Found Nemo
I re-mapped the entire route on Saturday night to avoid landing on someone’s windshield.  While riding on Lower Base Line, a string of spider web came flying towards me in midair (no spider attached – Thankfully!!) & landed on my handlebar & gloves.  How crazy is that?!  I met a cyclist (Freddy) who originally planned on visiting his daughter in the area but changed his mind to cycle with me to Mt. Nemo. 😀  Turns out he was an ex-racer & used to have a UCI license!!  He has done all 3 of the aforementioned hills (plus more) a million times for training.  My 1st reaction to him: “I don’t think I can keep up with you, especially up Nemo!”  No worries, he slowed down for me & pulled the whole way!  Freddy still had his racing mentality.  NOTHING stopped him, not even red lights, waiting for a train to past, or even when I made a pitstop at a gas station.  While climbing up Nemo, he had a mechanical problem.  He took out his Allen key from his jersey pocket & started fixing it while pedaling!  He kept saying, “It’s okay, I just keep going!”  Mt. Nemo was tough but not as bad as I expected.  I wasn’t out of breath as I cranked the gear down & spun as hard as my legs would let me – a whopping 12km/hr! 😳  Descending Nemo was a rush.  I reached 63km/hr even with hold backs!  On the return trip, Freddy led us through a path with some rollers.  Like he said, “Hills are good!!”  I can’t wait to tackle the other hills on the list!


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