Hill Training

Gran Fondo Gatineau is coming up in exactly 2 weeks.  A 102km bike race with 6000 ft in elevation gain.  The distance is not a biggie, but the elevation is enough to make my legs quiver in fear.  This calls for some climbing legs & maybe a new set of lungs.  As I ponder why I put myself in this sufferfest, I decided time would be better used if I get in more training rides.

Gorgeous day for a ride

I scoped out a nice hill for some “hill repeats” during last weekend’s ride.  Located on a quiet sideroad, almost free of traffic.  Perfect!  No one will see me struggle.  I was thrilled to leave my leg warmers at home today.  Ah, sign of summer! 😀

Here’s my so-called menacing hill-of-the-day.  A 0.5km climb.

Fueling up before the hill repeats

I did 3 hill repeats before getting bored.  This hill looked more evil than it really was.  Sure, there were some heavy breathing.  But there were at least 2 hills on this ride that were worse than this!  I need a better practice hill.  Any suggestions in the GTA area?

Those were all Foldies!! A rare sight!

Well, next weekend is Mother’s Day.  How can I fit in at least 1 more hill training ride?  Here comes panic!

84km ride

15 thoughts on “Hill Training

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  1. I can not wait until I move….then you can come over and we can ride allllll weekend. Tons of good stuff over there!

  2. Pick your poison: Appleby Line, Bell School Line, or Sideroad 14 to Rattlesnake Point; 6th Line north from Campbellville Rd., Mt. Nemo (Guelph Line south of Derry Rd.)

  3. Awesome! I plan to do our Whistler Grand Fondo next summer (too much to train for this summer already since I have Tough Mudder + half marathon). Good luck.. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Hills are all a mental battle and you just have to keep going!

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