The race I beat a turtle

That time again – Mississauga Marathon weekend.  Remember last year at my 10K?  Didn’t even make it to the Start Line.  An unfinished business.

Excited to see road closure signs- it’s race weekend!

I’m at it again this year.  Surprise!!  Another injury – piriformis (bum muscle).  My initial thought, “Here we go again!  Another DNF on my race history.”  I have to change my name soon!!  Last Thursday, my PT gave me an OK to run.  Nothing was torn, only an extremely tight muscle.  I was starting to feel better.  Immediately after work that day, I went for a run to check my limits.  Before reaching 2km, my piriformis was already aching.  Uh oh.

I was determined to be a participant – jogging, walking, hopping, limping – whatever the means, whatever the distance.  I decided to downgrade to 5K at the Expo.  But the line-up to switch races was long and slow.  No way!  I’m sticking with the 10K.  BEEP – my chip was scanned & activated.   I bought a pair of compression socks.  Work your magic!

Ready to head out
Mississauga Marathon Shuttle

The race was scheduled to start in the evening.  Free shuttles transported runners from a designated parking lot to the starting line.  I was nice & early, boarded the 1st shuttle, & arrived at the starting line 1.5 hrs before the race began.  Long wait!! I stood the entire time since sitting would tighten up my piriformis.

Starting Line

Finally the race began!  I brought my phone since I’d be running jogging at a very easy pace.  Might as well enjoy the scenery & take some pictures.  That’s the spirit!  At 2km, my piriformis started aching as expected.  I swallowed my pride at 3km & walked.  That didn’t last long.  I got impatient & started jogging.  I ended up jogging most of the race since the aches worsened every time I returned to jogging after a walk.

It’s Flash!! Look at him go!

My lungs didn’t do any work.  My pace was so slow.  I needed some entertainment to keep me busy.  I ended up taking tons of pictures & even texting on my phone!

I enjoyed the entire route.  It was relatively flat & half of it was along Lake Ontario on the Waterfront Trail, overlooking the Toronto Skyline. Such gorgeous scenery.

Alright, 40km!! Almost there!!  Just kidding, that’s for the marathon tomorrow.

Less than 1km before finish

I guess I didn’t have enough.  I knew I crossed the finish line.  But for some reason, I was still jogging away & only realized I was doing that when I saw a whole row of volunteers handing out medals!!  Finish time was 1:13:11.8.  At least I wasn’t last??

Long line-up for post-race food. Starving!

The past 2 weeks, I contemplated whether this would be my last ever running event.  My body tends to malfunction when a race approaches.  But I discovered today that there’s one aspect about running events that I prefer over biking.  In running, you are ALWAYS with lots of people regardless of your speed.  In biking, I often find myself biking alone for long stretches due to the large distance that a cycling event covers.  This is enough of a reason to continue registering for future running events.  I’m good with that! 😀

5 thoughts on “The race I beat a turtle

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  1. Woo congrats! There is a huge marathon happening in Vancouver tomorrow too (BMO Marathon) but hopefully I’ll try it out next year.

  2. Great blog. Enjoy your riding & running recaps. Ironically you ran down the end of my street during the photo in your recap. I ran the HM this year instead of the 10K but we did both run the Reso Run at Port Credit this year, lol Hope your piriformis gets better. LR

    1. Thanks! Great job running the half – maybe one day for me! It really was a terrific weekend to run – lots of great sunshine.

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