Riding for Champagne?

The Shed Coffee Bar has always been 1 of my favourite coffee shops & cycling destination.  Cycling oriented, scenic location, & lattes served in a bowl!!  Thanks to Facebook, I found out about their relocation from Belfountain to Erin a few weeks ago.  5km away from the old location! Today was their Grand Opening! (Route Map)

Another injury for a week now.   I tightened my piriformis muscle, causing tension on my sacroiliac joint.  Or more informally known as “Squash butt”.  Sharp pain every time my right foot touches the ground.  Ugh pain in the butt, literally.

Injury or not, I wanted to visit The Shed (driving is not an option!).  I’ll just ride at an easy pace.  No pain when pedaling.  But when I stopped my bike & my whole body leaned on my right leg – OUCH!!  My plan was NOT to stop.  Whenever I saw a red light, I slowed down & hoped it would turn green by the time I reached the intersection.  It worked 95% of the time.

Lots of cyclists on the road, even a huge cycling club of at least 20 members!!  2 cyclists caught up to me when I took a short break after a climb.  The lady had a Bianchi!  A BIANCHI!!  I like this bike since the Bike Show in March.  I admit its colour scheme is my selling point.  I was already at a slow pace: 1) injury reasons; 2) let them catch up so I can try swapping my bike with hers 🙂  But they kept trailing behind until they completely disappeared after a few km’s 😦

Imagine how heart broken I would be to bike all the way to Belfountain expecting to see this:

Picture taken last Oct 2011

But see this instead:

I was surprised to see cyclists still gathering here.  The bike rack is still there – see the Cervelo’s?  This location still has its use – washroom break!!  I saw a cyclist disappear inside.  Alright, no pain no gain.  An extra 5km to go, that means more climbing!!  Along the way, I scoped out an amazing steep hill on a sideroad to practice my climbing legs  (for next time!  See post HERE).

Check out The Shed’s new look!!  Exactly 45km to get here.

My bike posing in the front
Cute chalkboard sign!

Time for some coffee!  Starving!!  I felt uneasy leaving my bike outside.  That’s the only suggestion I have for them.  At their old location, I was used to the open concept.  My bike was always within eyesight & the shop was always filled with cyclists – all of them with nicer bikes than mine.  They would never steal mine!!  But today, absolutely no cyclists & the bike rack was hidden at the side of the building.  Anything can happen!!  I risked it.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if I was the 1st person to use their bike rack?

Champagne & energy bars go well together!

I went inside & I was the only person in Lycra!! 😮 Feeling slightly out of place, I was immediately greeted by champagne!!  Way to spice up the ride!!  Then the owner, Eddie, came up to me. She recognized me from Facebook & was expecting me to come!!  We had a nice chat.  It has always been her husband’s vision to bring cycling into a coffee shop being an avid cyclist himself.

After purchasing my Latte, Eddie saw her husband Dave & excitedly told him, “you gotta meet her!”  Another nice chat, talking about different cycling routes to get here.  Very friendly folks & a definite passion for their business.  The shop’s layout reminded me of Balzac’s from the Distillery District – 2 levels with comfy sofas on the upper level.  Atmosphere is modern & elegant.  I recognize some of the decors taken from their old location.

Latte in a bowl
Cycling & coffee merchandise; Patio to the right!
iPad used at cashier. Very modern.
Bike on the wall taken from old location
Stairs to upper level
Cool display? This sums up my life.
Comfy sofa, race photo, tic-tac-toe … future home decor idea!
View from above
Eddie behind the counter!

Before heading home, I browsed their assortment of snacks, sandwiches, and desserts.  I must try them next time!  The return trip was a non-stop 45km.  I wanted to hurry home – completely bonked.  An energy bar is not enough for lunch!!

90km ride

I learned a valuable lesson today.  I normally stay on the larger front chainring, thinking the smaller ring is “wimpy” & I just need to toughen up.  By taking it “easy” today, I had no shame & was on the smallest chainring during the entire climb up the escarpment.  I noticed less strain on my quads, yet no difference in speed with my quicker cadence.  That’s fantastic!!

Great trip.  Well worth the extra distance to get there.  Do you frequent any cycling-themed coffee shops?

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  1. Oh what a great spot! Good for you riding there and enjoying . So sorry about your piriformis. I battle with that guy too.

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