Just Hit the Pavement!

No more excuses!!  New shoes. New Skorts. What’s missing?  The running!!

I MUST get out of my running hiatus if I want to run an injury-free 10K in May.  I’m afraid of hurting myself again.  Running & I are NOT meant-to-be.  Motivation is lacking.  So I destroyed my wallet this weekend with purchases for running (not cycling for once!!).  If this doesn’t get me excited, I don’t know what will!!

I spent a few hours at the local Running Room today.  VERY worthwhile.  Very helpful folks.  I always thought I was an OVERpronator.  My previous shoes were built for ‘stability’.  Turns out I have a high arch, especially my right foot.  I am an UNDERpronate!  That means shoes with ‘cushioning’.  No wonder I keep injuring my right foot!

Asics Gel-Pulse 3

I am kind of (but not quite) a tomboy.  Never too crazy about dresses or skirts.  But I needed something fresh.  Something outside my comfort zone.  My blogger friend Kalli always has nice running outfits.  She inspired me to get some skorts.  Lycra skorts.  Why not?? 😀

Couldn't decide between shorts & boot cut pants. Got BOTH!

4 thoughts on “Just Hit the Pavement!

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  1. I overpronate too and have correct running shoes and orthotics to fix that but it is not a permanent fix so I’m going to start doing some barefoot running and slowly transition to minimalist shoes.

    1. Minimalists are really the hype these days. How are you liking it? With all the gel shoes & advanced technology we grew up with, would your feet get used to going the bare minimum?

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