Just Hit the Pavement!

No more excuses!!  New shoes. New Skorts. What’s missing?  The running!!

I MUST get out of my running hiatus if I want to run an injury-free 10K in May.  I’m afraid of hurting myself again.  Running & I are NOT meant-to-be.  Motivation is lacking.  So I destroyed my wallet this weekend with purchases for running (not cycling for once!!).  If this doesn’t get me excited, I don’t know what will!!

I spent a few hours at the local Running Room today.  VERY worthwhile.  Very helpful folks.  I always thought I was an OVERpronator.  My previous shoes were built for ‘stability’.  Turns out I have a high arch, especially my right foot.  I am an UNDERpronate!  That means shoes with ‘cushioning’.  No wonder I keep injuring my right foot!

Asics Gel-Pulse 3

I am kind of (but not quite) a tomboy.  Never too crazy about dresses or skirts.  But I needed something fresh.  Something outside my comfort zone.  My blogger friend Kalli always has nice running outfits.  She inspired me to get some skorts.  Lycra skorts.  Why not?? 😀

Couldn't decide between shorts & boot cut pants. Got BOTH!


4 thoughts on “Just Hit the Pavement!

  1. I overpronate too and have correct running shoes and orthotics to fix that but it is not a permanent fix so I’m going to start doing some barefoot running and slowly transition to minimalist shoes.

    • Minimalists are really the hype these days. How are you liking it? With all the gel shoes & advanced technology we grew up with, would your feet get used to going the bare minimum?

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