Impulsive Training Ride

This ride was only supposed to be recorded on my Dailymile – not expecting it to be special enough to blog.  Same old route to Caledon – my “go-to” route, the one I did 2 days ago, the one I know all too well.  I woke up to sunshine, warmth, & low wind (at least initially).  Split second decision to hit the saddle.  What was supposed to be an impulsive ride turned into a hill training ride. I was quite proud of the result & wanted to remember it for my sanity.

Today’s focus was QUALITY, not quantity.  Quality means speed & technique.  I apparently also breach most of the sacred Cycling Rules.  To increase the quality of the ride, I decided to obey Rule#37 (wearing the arms of my sunglasses OVER the helmet straps).  The least I could do!  My “cool-odometer” immediately skyrocketed.

Rain clouds approaching!

Less than 6km in, 2 cyclists turned right onto my road.  I desperately wanted to draft behind them.  They seemed like strong men.  They can pull me!  I sped up to no avail.  I finally caught up to them at a red light & exchanged quick introductions.  They apparently tried to wait for me earlier (but I was too slow?!).  These guys originated from a mountain biking background & were new to road riding.  I envied their new spanking bikes – a BMC & a carbon fiber Opus!! Their “warm-up” was my “working” pace.  I drafted for 1km before getting dropped.  Oh well, I saved a few calories!!  They were within eye-sight the whole time.  I eventually caught up to them at another red light before getting dropped again climbing the nasty hill at 17km.  They eventually stopped for a water break after the climb.  I didn’t.  Waving goodbye, we parted our ways.

A couple of KM before my turnaround point,  a raven was feeding on a roadkill in the middle of the lane.  I was a bit shaken up.  Bird, that’s disgusting!!  As if on cue, rain started to sprinkle down when I reached Caledon.  Time to head home!

Checking my cyclocompeter, I was shocked to see my average speed above 25km/hr.  Personal best on this route!!!  Uncertain whether I could keep this up, I stopped to take a picture.

Trying to beat the rain & rushing through yellow lights helped maintain my pace.  There were moments when I felt spent & slowed down.  I’d immediately remind myself not to waste a good start & cranked up the gears.

Good ending.  I was amazed my pace kept up, even surpassing my earlier average speed.  Short but satisfying ride.  This being said, I still have lots of training to do if I want even an ounce of hope of conquering the monstrous mountains in Gatineau come May.  Until the rollers on this route appear “flat” to me, I must Train. Ride. Repeat.

46km. Avg 25.6km/hr

4 thoughts on “Impulsive Training Ride

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  1. oh cherry what a great ride! wish we could have ridden together 🙂 and glad you put your sunglasses OVER your helmet strap-good call girl!

    1. Come on over to your neighbour up North!! I don’t really understand that rule, but sometimes it’s best to accept & not question! 🙂

  2. You’re a cyclist! I love you already! What brand is your cyclocompeter? Is there one you recommend? Right now, I just track my ride + distance with Endomondo on my phone.

    1. You are Canuck too! Awesome! I have a Specialized Speedzone Comp Wireless. I haven’t tried other cyclocomputers to give a good review. But it’s wireless (no mess!!) & has been working well for me. The only downside to it is the sensor. It is poorly constructed & a challenge to make sure it stays secure on the spoke!! Cateye is another common brand & I know many people (esp runners) just use their Garmin!!

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