St. Paddy’s Day Ride

My excitement for this weekend’s plans (nothing to do with beer) & “supposedly” amazing weather got me through last week of work.  Both my squash lesson today & 5K race tomorrow are cancelled.  My foot is feeling better.  That means more time on the saddle!  Let’s pull out that stash of energy bars.

I was expecting the sun when I woke up.  Nope!  FOG everywhere!!  It wasn’t until noon when it cleared up but the sky was still quite gloomy.  A long ride was not planned.  I mapped out a “3-part” ride – whether to continue onto the next part depends on how my healing foot feels after each one.  This will show me how badly my last 3 weeks of inactivity affected my endurance.

Before tackling part#1 (Route Map), I ventured to a nearby parking lot to ensure I still remembered how to bike.  I’m not kidding.  No one else has this problem.  But I tend to lose my ability to balance when starting & stopping a bike if I stop biking for more than a month.  Glad I did this; my 1st try was a horrible wobble.

No en route photos.  Nothing captured my eyes, unless one finds terrifying roadkill or commercial roads interesting.  I did get intrigued when I rode past headquarters of contractors I directly worked with.  It felt amazing to be back on the road.  Seeing & waving at fellow cyclists as we past each other.  I love the cycling community! 🙂

The weather didn’t feel as warm as per forecasts.  I wasn’t cold but by the time I completed “part 1” of the route, my feet were frozen even with my “Woolie Boolie” socks!  I decided to take a quick rest.   My right foot was aching.  That was my call to stop.  I aborted the other 2 parts without hesitation.  I’m listening to my body for once.  It baffled me I only did 25km today.  Same distance last year wasn’t even a warm-up!  But with my injury-prone body lately, I’m just glad I’m able to bike.

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