Chill Challenge – Failed!

Another DNF.  I’m starting to see a pattern here.  Running & I are not destined for each other.  Another foot injury made me blow off another running event today.  Thankfully, it was a free event by Running Room – Fibre 1 Chill Challenge.  All participants have to run/walk for 20 min.

Last couple of days had been an all time low.  I was off all activities since last Friday to nurse the injury.  Darn black ice 2 Sundays ago.  Being my stubborn self, I continued spinning last week which eventually worsened the problem until walking became a huge pain starting last Thursday.  I’ve been sitting way too much lately, my metabolism is going out of whack, and I lost my outlet for stress.  Yuck! 😦

I was debating whether to attend the Challenge today.  Running is out of the question, but I should still walk.  The 1st 10,000 to register for the Chill Challenge received a toque.  I was one of them.   As I waited for the 6pm start, I studied the route.  20min is literally just 2 blocks.  I thought to myself, “What am I doing?  I already sacrificed my entire week of spinning.  Why am I risking a setback by walking a distance I cover on a daily basis?”  So I guiltily walked out and went home.  This is my confession.

I feel just horrible.  I don’t deserve this toque.  As soon as I recover, I am definitely putting that toque on for a run – more than 20min to make up for today.  I need to earn this toque.

With 2 DNF’s under my belt now, it was probably not a wise choice to register for a 10K run come May.  I hesitated to sign up for  a while but finally gave in last month.  My Achilles injury made me forfeit my 10K run last year.  I’ve got some unfinished business.  I know my body hates me for revisiting another 10K, but I just need to do this … at least once.

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