Wasaga Nordic

I made a last minute decision late last night to go cross-country skiing today at Wasaga Nordic!  I’ve only started skiing last year & I didn’t particularly enjoyed it.  I recall being frustrated with the slowness – I could walk faster!!  I wanted to give it another chance due to my interest in endurance sports.  One of my 2012 fitness goals is to focus on cross-training after all.  This would be perfect.

Wasaga Nordic provides 30km of ski trails in the Dunes area of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park with 7 different trails.  I arrived there at 10AM & rented my ski equipments.  I love how affordable CC-skiing is, esp when compared with downhill skiing.  The total for rentals and trail pass was only $29!!!

Today was extremely cold but the snowfall last Friday made it the perfect condition.  I definitely appreciated Nordic skiing a lot more this time.  I thoroughly enjoyed it – from the scenery to the techniques involved.  I focused on pushing & gliding, rather than just shuffling my feet.  The improvement in efficiency was significant!!

I started off with short & easy trails at the beginning – mostly flat terrain.  No problems there.  Near the end of the day, I tried out 1 of the most challenging routes with lots of steep hills, including ones where you had to take your skis off!!  There’s a reason why I quit downhill skiing at least 7 years ago.   I can’t control my speed & don’t even mention about trying to turn!!  Curse those “pizza” turns – they don’t work!!!  Yep, 99.9% of all my falls occurred during the last 2 hours!! 🙄  I skied a total of 26km today!!  I tried all of the trails except for a portion of one.  Not bad!! 😀

Today was a nice change from my routine exercises.  Very sore though.  It’s amazing how many muscles are in your legs.  Cross-country skiing uses completely different muscles than biking and running.  However, it is definitely muscular endurance, not cardio endurance.  My lungs were having a party today.  My legs ….. not so much. 😯 I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for the next few days.

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  1. hmm, i haven’t been up there before, I’ll have to try it out. There are a lot of conservation areas in the GTA that people use for crosscountry skiing. You can also rent the equipment from MEC (since not all the trails and things have rentals – or even a day-pass).
    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your second attempt – it’s a great workout. if you go somewhere where the trails are really groomed (I’ve seen it in Quebec, and that’s about it), they have the regular cross-country on one side of the trail, and then a kind of smooth broad area on the other for ski skating (or skate skiing?… can’t remember) – it’s like running compared to walking, and very entertaining to try out.

    1. You should definitly go there – Wasaga Nordic is 1 of the most inexpensive places!! 🙂 I wasn’t aware MEC has rentals. I need to check out their rates. The 2 places I’ve been to (Wasaga Nordic and Hardwood Ski & Bike in Oro Station) both have skate skiing. I’d like to try that one day!

    1. you bet they were sore!! It took be well over 1 week to recover, esp since I later realized I pulled my adductor muscles!! Ouch! But VERY fun indeed, well worth the pain! 🙂

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