‘CRAP’-py End to Bike Season??

Thanks to the sunshine today, I managed to squeeze in probably the last bike trip this year. 😦 We decided to set out later than usual due to the cool temperature (highest 10C).  C’mon PM sun & warmth!!

Cold weather calls for my Louis Garneau jacket & Leg warmers!

We were off just shy of noon.  The route was along the Humber River Trail/ Waterfront Trail; exactly the same as last time except we only rode past the Leslie Spit.  Nothing noteworthy……until we took a break at the Scarborough Bluffs.  There was a weird noise coming from my front wheel when we set out again.  I initially thought it was leaves & twigs stuck on the fork crown & brake pads as my wheel spun around.  Upon closer inspection….OH GAWD!  It was dog crap!!! 😯

Dog crap!! SURPRISE!

Just the PERFECT way to end my bike season – unforgettable!! 🙄 Luch & I spent at least 15min trying to get it out using twigs & leaves.  We stopped at Remarkable Bean later for a much deserved Cappuccino.  Don’t worry, we washed our hands first!! 😳

Make that ~75km (computer was off for part of the route)

The return trip was just COLD!!  We biked on with chattering teeth & frozen toes.  BRRR!!   My left kneecap started hurting & I ended up biking the entire return trip with my right leg!  Thank goodness that’s my strong leg!  I couldn’t bike uphill & did several “walk-of-shames“.  😐

Once we reached Luch’s house, I immediately hosed down my bike.  It STUNK!!  😛  This was followed by an awesome dinner & trying to get his cat to like me.  Good day all in all despite the crap. 😀

4 thoughts on “‘CRAP’-py End to Bike Season??

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  1. This ride sounds like something that would happen to me! When you roll through life, sometimes you will encounter crap! Ha! How’s that for an analogy?

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