The Shed Finale

I hit up The Shed in Belfountain, ON (Route map) today for the 4th & probably last time this year.  No particular reason except for the love of coffee & cycling.  I didn’t wear my attires properly today & suffered horrible saddle pain.  I was stopping every ~5km to alleviate the pain.  It was a good thing I was biking solo; otherwise, I would’ve drove my partner insane with all the breaks!!  The 1st half of this ride was definitely a test of pain tolerance, NOT endurance!! 😮  The route was BEAUTIFUL with all the fall colours!!

Gorgeous scenery
Pumpkin patch
Lots of cyclists today
Approaching Caledon
Here's Belfountain! Bracing myself for a 10km climb up the escarpment ahead
Belfountain straight up! Terra Cotta....remember our talk, Meredith?!
Love it!
Love winding roads through fall colours

It was full house at The Shed!!  Just filled with people!  One of the few places opened on Thanksgiving Monday after all! 😀

Place was busy!
Long lineup but well worth it
hmmm, skim latte & energy bars
Latte art - Beauty
Lounging with someone's lab. Made my day!
Cycling memorabilia
I want....
The Shed merchandise

The ride back was a tad less painful after my attire adjustments at The Shed.  With farms & “pick-your-own-fruits” everywhere in Caledon, there was so much traffic on my return trip.  The worst traffic always occurred on uphills.  Stopping & starting on an uphill is a nightmare.  I did several dangerous (& probably illegal?!) maneuvers to keep my bike going…..swerving around & riding 2cm away from cars which sometimes forced me to ride on the gravel.  All the while doing it in front of 3 police cars – I’m pretty certain they would chase me down if they were on bikes & not stuck in traffic. 😮

With all the saddle pain & traffic, my speed was embarrassing.  Nonetheless, I’m still happy with my ride.  I got to enjoy amazing Autumn scenery & foamy Latte, & rode just shy of 200 km total this long weekend!!

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  1. Looks like a awesome ride & the colors are beautiful! I’d love to cycle that trip & visit “The Shed” sometime!!

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