Kickstart Running with John Stanton!

It has been half a year since my Achilles injury, which means half long year of no running.  During this period of recovery, I’ve survived through wearing clogs as my only footwear, swimming as my only cardio activity, & emptying my bank account from weekly physio sessions.  Everyone in my proximity must be sick of my complaints.  Cycling has been my distraction since the start of the biking season in June.  My negativity has since diminished to a tolerable rate (at least that’s what I think). 🙄

My Achilles is feeling better now.  I’m able to put runners on & even wear steel-toed boots at work without much pain.  Through several instances of running to catch my bus lately, I’ve reminded myself how much I missed running. 😦

I’ve known John Stanton by name ever since I got into running over a year ago.  He’s the founder of Running Room and Walking Room.  With over 60 marathons, hundreds of road races, & even an Ironman competition under his belt, he’s definitely an iconic image in the running world.  I was so excited about John’s visit to the Commerce Court Running Room this evening at 6:30pm.  This was a free event called “Hour of walking and running with John Stanton“.

People at the presentation

I headed over to Running Room after work in my running gears thinking the whole event involved “running” with John.  There were many people who showed up.  But that was no surprise to me…’s THE John Stanton after all!! 😀

John was truly an inspiration.  The evening started off with a 1-hr presentation by John.  He was HILARIOUS! 😆  He has such colourful stories of his marathon experiences.  He took us through a couple of his races…..all were funny & at times, very emotional.  My favourites being his marathon in Honolulu & New York.  He then went over breathing techniques, followed by proper running form.

Since this was a regular running clinic night, some went out for a 7K run.  I was originally going to join them even though I was wary about running such a distance for the 1st time since my injury (I’ve learned my lesson about increasing my intensity too quickly). 😐

Fortunately, John & Brian (staff at Commerce Court RR) held an informal coaching session.  Brian video-taped us while we ran a short distance.  John then pointed out areas of improvement in our running form as we watched ourselves on the video.  That sounded terrific & helpful! 😀

John Stanton & I

There were less than 10 of us in the coaching session.  I was the 3rd person to run.  What a GREAT feeling….I missed running!!  🙂  John noticed I have good form but I bounce when I run….I may have been too excited! 😛  The “spring in my steps” is very energy inefficient.  He advised me to focus on a point far out in the horizon, shuffle my feet, & ensure I’m not bouncing up & down.  He then asked me to run alongside him to try out his “feet shuffling” advice during sprints.  I could die happy right there even though it was only for a couple of meters.  What an experience! 😀   It was also interesting to hear John’s advice for others in the session…..avoid the chicken arms, move our arms in a “grab-an-apple-&-put-it-in-your-pocket” motion, clasp your hand as if you were holding a soda cracker……. I learned so much! 🙂

I love running.  But I must take it easy moving forward & train up one KM at a time.  Thanks John and the gang at Commerce Court Running Room.  You guys are so motivational!! 😀

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  1. Please show me what the chicken arms look like tomorrow.

    How come you didn’t tell me about this? I know about this guy!!

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