Bikefest 2011

UPDATE: I made it on Flickr!  Try to spot me HERE (hint: red Giro helmet) & HERE (hint: on the left eating a banana!) 😀


My Supercycle is ready for his 2nd cycling event this season (Bike to Work day being his 1st).    MEC Bikefest is a free annual event to celebrate all things cycling related.  It features all sorts of activities: clinics, test-rides, gear swaps, live bands, group rides, bike tune-ups, bike vendors.  This year’s Toronto Bikefest took place in the BEAUTIFUL Distillery Historic District.  I just love this place.

I decided to give my Garneau a break because my Supercycle was in serious need of a tune-up.  Today was the perfect day to get that done for free! 😀 Don’t forget, this poor boy was vandalized last Oct & was fixed by my boss in March!  Another goal today was to take part in Gear Swap to sell my brand new Pearl Izumi Road bike shoes that I bought at the Fall Bike show.  Remember them?  I tried them on a couple of weeks ago & they were SO small!!  😦  I haven’t even gotten the pedals for them yet!!  I don’t know why I bought them in such a small size!  I’m so sad.  If I can’t sell them today, I need to sell them online.

I met up with my brother this AM before we biked to Toronto.  Weather was overcast & windy.  Luckily, the entire route was mostly tailwind!  About 36km of riding later, we arrived!! 🙂  I first checked in at the MEC booth.  I wanted to register for a Bike Repair Workshop to learn how to do my own bike tune-ups!!  These clinics are $5 each, but the guy decided to let me attend for free!!  Off I went to the clinic!  I now know how to lubricate my chains! 😀

Intro to Bike Repair Clinic!

There are other clinics available including Commuting Basics, Tires & patching, Cycling tours in Ontario, etc. There’s even a Yoga for Cyclist clinic, led by David Bruni from Downward Dog.  This clinic wasn’t available last year!

Yogis on stage doing their thing!

After my Bike Repair workshop, I took Supercycle for a free tune-up! 😀  These were generously provided by Bicycle Commons & Bike Sauce.  My mechanic worked his magic & I could tell he had a passion for bikes.  He helped me adjust my derailleurs to achieve smoother gear changes & adjust the tension on my brakes.

Bike tune-up tents

I was thrilled with the result!  He did such a great job!  Next stop was Gear Swap.  I was the ONLY one, other than the MEC staff, selling items.  I priced my bike shoes at $50.  I knew at the get-go that it was too expensive in comparison to prices we normally see at Gear Swap.  But this is a good price in comparison to markets elsewhere.  Original prices for bike shoes are typically over $100.

My shoes sitting sadly on the table

I was so bored standing there.  Even after my brother bought me a Cappuccino at 1 of my favourite coffee shops, Balzac’s, to boost my energy, I did NOT want to stand there!!

I love Balzac's!

I pretty much had no hope of selling my shoes, unless I dropped the price below $25.  So I kept leaving my table to wander around.  There were quite a variety of booths, from biking retailers to community cycling information

I also came across a booth that sold 100% handmade soaps!  But that booth might have been part of the Distillery District, not Bikefest.

....and more booths

There were bike demos & MEC bikes test-rides.  These bikes were stored in Cyclepods.  These are innovative bike storage designs that look stylist and are space-saving.

Bikes stored vertically in Cyclepods

Since today was coincidentally Toronto’s Jazz festival, there were live performances for some Jazz entertainment!

We didn’t stay long.  We were ready to go roughly after 3pm.  With my crazy schedule this upcoming week, I didn’t want to use up all my energy.  After gathering my “unsold” bike shoes 😦 , we biked to the GO station to take the bus back home.

Even though I couldn’t get $50, I still had a good day.  My Supercycle is all tuned-up and I did get some goodies.  I got a pair of toe covers for $7, a 100% handmade soap bar made by Adelaide’s Bath & Body for $3, & some Clif Energy bar samples!

Anyone want a pair of brand new Road bike shoes for $50??? It’s size 40 (euro size).  Please let me know! 😀

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