Niagara Falls

My mom’s friend’s daughter, Alice, came all the way from Hong Kong to North America for a vacation.  Her 1st stop was Toronto.  I haven’t seen her since I came to Canada, which was a LONG time!!  We decided to take her to Niagara Falls & surrounding areas…..very obvious destination.

The weather didn’t cooperate with us.  Thunderstorms & strong winds followed us the whole way to Niagara Falls.  We took cover inside the Table Rock Complex for some pictures before braving the outdoors.

After getting soaked, we returned back indoors for lunch.  As we were finishing up, the rain miraculously stopped & the sun started peeping through the clouds.  Out we went for some photo taking.  Unfortunately, no rainbow was spotted today.

There were some random bridesmaids screaming & dancing outside in running shoes…..well, it was more like jumping jacks than dancing.  It was weird – not sure what the deal was.

My family got VIP wine tasting tickets for Inniskillin from the Home Show a few months ago.  Each ticket comes with 3 samples (red, white, icewine) & a complimentary bottle of Icewine (miniature size), which we gave to Alice as souvenirs.  For Icewine, the lady gave us a sample of Cabernet Franc – it’s crimson in colour & has aromas of strawberries & rhubarbs.  Thumbs UP! 😀

I then bought tickets for a winery tour.  At this point, the sun came out!!  The tour was very informative, from historical background on the founders to the equipments used to make Icewine & its production process.  They showed us a video, took us to the cellar to look at the barrels, & finally offered 3 wine samples (red, white, icewine).  Whoa, red face alert!!  A grand total of 6 samples!! 😀

The final stop was Niagara-on-the-Lake.  I love this place – lots of unique shops.

I made dinner reservations at one of my favourite restaurants in Mississauga, Apricot Tree.  I had their soup of the day (Chick peas & Spinach) & warm mushroom salad.  All delicious!  🙂

It turned out to be a great day after all!  The weather started out bad, but it worked out nicely in the end!  Alice stayed over at our house – Laser wasn’t impressed!!

It’s been a tiring but terrific day.  Now if I could just get to sleep……I need to wake up early for tomorrow’s Ride for Heart!!

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