Bike to Work Day 2011

It’s the 5th annual Bike to Work Day!  I attended the Toronto location today instead of Mississauga as last year.  This made sense since my office is in Toronto.  I got my gears ready last night.

Castelli knicker & my new Sugoi Helium jacket in Super Nova Yellow
Michelin Arm warmer & Everlast gloves

Today was such a gorgeous day!! 🙂  I didn’t want to push my luck with my injury.  Instead of biking all the way to Toronto, I woke up super early at 5AM & biked to the train station to catch the 5:45AM GO bus to Union.  From there, I biked to the City Start Point at Yonge & Bloor.  The meetup was scheduled for 7:30AM – I was there an hour early.   Hmm…..yes I was early but it still seemed TOO quiet.  Was I at the right spot? 😐

Then I noticed a few people setting up Bike Month posters.  Lo & behold, the actual meeting location was down a block at Yonge & Charles!  They should’ve been more clear.  Oh well, I was still the 1st person there!!  😀  I got my t-shirt & waited for an hour.  I was starving!!!!

There were BIXI bikes set up for councillors & for those without bikes.

Look at this amazing bike that one participant brought!!  Crazy or what??!!  Where are the pedals?

As 7:30AM approached, the crowd got bigger & bikers from other starting locations began gathering here.  I’ll never forget the crazy dude who kept yelling “Burn fat, don’t burn gas!!” 😆

DING DING, we’re off!  We took over an entire lane on Yonge St en route to Queen St; it probably drove all the drivers nuts!!  😀 (That’s the way I like it!!) As with all group rides, there are dangers riding close to other bikers.  Two bikers in front of me collided with each other & fell.  I nearly crashed into their bikes on the ground!  😕  Police escorts were present along the way, but I got separated from them & somehow began leading the group behind me!! 😀

We finally made it to Nathan Phillips Square.  HUGE lineup for breakfast – they served croissants, fruits (orange, banana, apple), & pancakes.

A lady was curious as to what I planned to do with the photo of my plate.  I told her about my blog – if you are reading this, HELLO!!  I asked for only a tad of syrup on my pancake……and I got this! 😕  Drenched with syrup but very delicious.  I also had an undocumented coffee (with a splash of Silk).

There were booths – mostly to promote cycling, from MS Bike Tour to Smart Commute.

While enjoying my breakfast, I was entertained by speeches & stage performances.  Rob Ford did not make an appearance… surprise there 😕

I didn’t stay too long & ended up at work on time!

An excellent turnout here in Toronto, but I may consider revisiting Mississauga next year.  I need to show support for my home city after all!!  Mississauga also gives out better goodies (according to my bro who was there) probably due to a smaller population – they received tech shirts instead of cotton t-shirts! 😯

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  1. Very cool! I love this post Cherry! I had no idea this was happening till I saw you wearing your t-shirt at work, lol. It sure feels good to take part in iniciatives like this, and whether you support Toronto or Mississauga next year,I think it’s a great cause! congrats 🙂

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