Bike Prep

I dedicated today completely to my bikes.  With Bike to Work day tomorrow & Ride for Heart come Sunday, I need to gear up my bikes.

Last Tuesday, my Sports Doc confirmed there were no fractures in my heel bones.  I am, in fact, suffering from a stubborn Insertional Achilles Tendonitis.  He said I can bike, but to alleviate pain in my bone while wearing my runners, he recommended Bunga pads (basically, a gel cushion used by hockey players).  I went far & wide in search of these pads last Friday.  I ended up buying Gel Achilles Protectors – more expensive but I thought they would work better than Bunga pads (here I go again thinking I’m smarter than professionals) 😕

The agenda for my Supercycle commuter is to install lights & pump up my tires……DONE!

I need to test-ride it to ensure I’ll be OK tomorrow.  With my Achilles Protector on, out I went for my 1st ride since my injury!  My goodness, it was like a prisoner breaking out of a jail.  It felt GREAT!  😀 I missed biking so much.  My Achilles didn’t hurt while biking; I felt it slightly when starting & stopping.  I think I can handle that.  I just have to pay attention to my limits & not have another setback!! 🙄

Next up, my Louis Garneau roadie!  I finally tackled my procrastinated task to install the Specialized wireless cyclocomputer.

1st, install the steering column mount bracket.

Then the speed sensor & magnet.  I think they will both fly out if I go over a bump.  They don’t seem secure!! 😕

My MEC Microwedgie Seat Bag is next!  I’m putting all my essentials in it…..

  • Patch kit
  • Planet Bike CO2 tire inflator
  • Bike tube
  • Tire levers

I’m done!!!!!!

I just need to pump my tires & study the instructional booklet for my cyclocomputer!  I tested out the cyclocomputer –  the sensor seems to be picking up the signal.  I’ll cross my fingers & hope I did it correctly!

I have to wake up super early for Bike to Work Day tomorrow.  It’ll be more tiresome than going to work, but it’s worth it!  Please don’t rain on me!!  😀

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