The KONG!!

Make way for Laser’s 1st Haul!!!

Laser got a brand new toy this week…..the Kong Wobbler!!!  It’s the monster of all Kongs!

It’s shaped like a normal Kong, but it’s designed to be both a toy & a food dispenser.  You unscrew it & fill it with treats or food.  Dogs knock it down using their nose & paws to get the food out of the hole.  I thought of putting her entire dinner inside, but that would just be cruel. 😀

All dog owners out there…..GO GET IT!!  I’m not sure whether this is fun or frustrating for Laser, but it sure is fun for me!!! 😀

Look how small her other Kong toy (at the back) is in comparison!!!

7 thoughts on “The KONG!!

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    1. It’s for dogs over 25 lbs. It’s huge though! Laser can’t carry it in her mouth, but I don’t think it’s intended to allow that!
      Lola is small-medium size? I think it should be okay! The promotional video has a medium sized dog playing with it.

  1. OMG, I love this!! I am so getting one for Robson. He’s 55pounds, so I think he should be okay 🙂 I like that they can’t fit it in their mouths, so it’s more challenging and fun to play with. Thanks for the tip!!

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