Lip Balm Galore

I’m on a lip balm spree lately….100% natural lip balm.  Check out my 3 new Burt’s Bees lip balm I bought this week!  They were on sale for only $2.99 each at Shopper’s Drug Mart.  I am so excited! 😀

Adding those to my stash of Softlips, my Kibo You Better Coco Lip balm from the Green Living Show, and another Burt’s Bee I bought last week.  Basically, a lifetime supply…….or so I thought!

I went to The Clothing Show today with Meredith.  She had an extra ticket & generously brought me along.  This show displays over 300 local Canadian vendors – from vintage & trendy clothing to jewellery & accessories.   It also features runway shows.  We were initially overwhelmed by all the clothes, sparkles, & glamour.  Eventually, we settled down & that’s when the shopping began.

My favourite booth of the day was Little Miss Henna.  You customize your own lip balm by combining your own flavours.  They then inject your lip balm into a tube right before your eyes.  It’s like an ice cream store for lip balms!  😀 I got one without hesitation – I combined the coffee & vanilla flavours together.  Smells delicious!  Another addition to my lip balm collection.

I also got a pair of $2 earring from JuJu Designs.  Excellent deal & they were so pretty!

No wallet was blown up today.  Total of 3 purchases: customized lip balm, a pair of earrings, & a Coconut Loofah soap bar.  It’s a bar with a loofah inside & smells heavenly!  I love coconut smell!  😀

Everything smells great!!  Laser seems to think so too.

Ah….she’s so beautiful.

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