Food and Foot

Happy long weekend! 😀 My family is having our 1st BBQ for 2011 tonight – it’s such a sunny gorgeous day.  I’m in charge of making a salad.  Stay tune….I’ll post a picture later tonight.

Laser was hanging out with me this AM.

I asked her to fetch me her dumbbell toy.....
....she decided to fetch me my dad's slipper. That's her guilty face

I’ve been going to physio for over 6 wks since my foot injury over 2 mths ago.  We thought it was an Achilles injury until this week.  My PT transferred me to a Sports Med Doctor – possibly a stress fracture on my heel bone.  I immediately made an appt come Tuesday.  I decided to see my family doctor yesterday to get a referral for x-ray/bone scan.  I wanted to bring the x-ray results to the Sports doc on Tuesday.

Well, my family doc REFUSED to send me for an x-ray.  He said I can’t get a fracture on my heel bone unless I had a huge fall or a car accident.  I gave him a whole spew about getting localized pain on my bone & length of my injury.  He was literally laughing at me when I suggested a bone scan (& he’s not a laughing type).  He said it’s probably just an infection on my bone & prescribed a medication.  Isn’t medication only for suppressing pain?  There are side effects to all drugs.  I don’t even take common pills like Tylenol.   He told me to try it out for 2 wks & come back if it still hasn’t healed.  WHAT?!  😡 I can’t wait another 2 wks.  At that point, I had to leave before I lashed out.  I walked back to my car & completely broke down…..thank goodness there were tissues.  😥

With blotchy eyes & a red face, I went to the grocery store afterward to get my salad ingredients for tonight.  People probably thought I was insane.  That’s okay. 😐  Either I was venting my stress or I drank too much coffee (~48 oz ! :eek:), I had a TERRIFIC swim last night!!  😀 I busted out 64 laps & it was at a wave pool which offered much more resistant.

Phew, it’s already such a long post.  I haven’t even talked about the best part…..the Food!  I’ve been addicted to several food combos lately as snacks/meals.  Allow me to share them…..

Carrot & Salsa....I go through a bag every wk
Banana & PB
Greek Yogurt & Honey...I devour 2 containers per week!!
Lavash grain cracker (Organic Spelt) with Light Laughing Cow Cheese.
Pumpkin puree, chia seeds, oats! No surprise there!

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  1. Cherry, I love your snack ideas! how healthy and delishhh!! I’m still hunting for chia seeds 😦 but when I find them, I’m definitely trying your pumpkin puree, chia seeds and oats idea! thanks!

    1. I hope you find them soon!! They give smoothies a whole different texture & oatmeal a whole “filling” experience! You will be satisfied for a much longer time.

    2. I got my chia seeds at Green Living Show. But I’ve seen them in any health food stores – ie. Naturally yours, nutrition house. I’ve even seen them at Metro!

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