Runners Expo

The race is here!!!  (Sadly not for me 😥 )


I received an email yesterday about a 9AM event at Running Room today.  I arrived this AM & it turns out to be a meetup for Pace Bunnies…..whoops :oops:.  I wish they were more clear on the email.  The Runners Expo started at 10AM.  I ended up killing the hour at Starbucks across the street.

I had a Tall Nonfat Americano Misto, along with a good magazine.

…..while watching the runners & pace bunnies with envy.

At the Expo, I had to capture this in memory of what could’ve been a grand day….

Bib#10694 will be a DNF 😦

The 10K race route…

As with all Expos, I came home with lots of ads to recycle, some freebies, & some purchases.

They gave out samples of CIL grass seeds, energy candies, powerbars, shampoo, & deodorant.  I bought earrings & a body glide for my bro.

Laser appears to be sitting innocently beside me…..

Turns out she was just deep in thought, conjuring up ideas to get in the fun!

My bad luck continues….later in the day, my new earrings got caught on my sleeve & broke.  Ugh, cheap quality – what a waste of money.

I ended up mustering the courage to drive back to the Expo.  They let me get another pair of earrings, but I know they will break again down the road.  So I got a headband instead.  This store “One More Mile” sells running related items (headbands, clothing, visors) with funny slogans.

Good luck to all the runners out there for today’s 5K & 10K; and tomorrow’s 2K, halfs, & full marathons!!!  😀

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