From 10k to 2K to 0K

My registered 10K race is scheduled tomorrow.  I obviously can’t participate in it with my injury. 😦  My bro helped me pick up my race kit today & changed my event from 10K run to 2K walk.  How degrading! 😦

I’m still debating whether to do the walk; I’m leaning towards a “NO”.  First, I walk that distance every day already.  Second, it’s going to be full of kids.  Third, the medal that I’ll receive at the finish line means nothing to me.  Fourth, the hassle of parking & walking in the rain are just not worth it for a 2K.

After my swim tonight, I picked up my race kit from my bro.  The typical ads…

The goodies & samples are the best part…..Werther’s chocolate, popcorn, tuna, cough drops, gum, and granola bar.

I’m donating those Werther’s chocolate to the candy bowl at work.

Finally, the tech shirt & bib.

Booooo, 2K bib 😦 …..just embarrassing. 😳  Thank goodness my bro ensured I still received my 10K shirt while switching my race event.

I’m heading out to the Runners Expo tomorrow.  I’m not sure if that’s going to make me feel better or worst.  I shall see.

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