Starbucks Haul

I’ve been waiting & haunting every Starbucks I pass by for the last 2 months.  I really wanted one of their To-Go Cold Cup Tumblers!!

I went to Apricot Tree for dinner tonight.  Lo & behold, there was a Starbucks right next to it.  I had to check it out – so glad I did (wallet, not so much! :eek:)!!  They are finally in-stores!

They had 2 sizes – I obviously went for the larger one.   At the cashier, I thought I bought the new Trenta size because this thing is GINORMOUS!  It actually scared me when I looked at it at home.  I immediately googled how big Trenta is….a whopping 31 ounces, apparently bigger than a human bladder?!

I did more research & some unit conversions…..I THINK I actually bought a Venti size, at least I hope.  But even the cashier told me it’s Trenta.  Can anyone tell what size this is, it doesn’t say on the tumbler??

Anywho, I love this cup.  In fact, I love all cups, mugs, & tumblers.  No matter how many I own, I can’t seem to get enough.  Some people buy key chains or post cards as souvenirs on trips.  For me, I think I want to buy a cup on every trip I go.  There are some interesting cups out there; for instance when I went to Hoover Dam, there was a cup shaped like the Dam.  How cool is that? 😎

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