BIXI, the better taxi

BIXI is a public bike system, now servicing at its newest location since May 3, 2011, Toronto!  With 1000 bikes, 80 BIXI stations, & 1500 docking points within Toronto’s downtown core, say goodbye to finding bike lock posts & crazy taxi drivers!  What a beautiful site……

I’ve never driven in Toronto due to the amt of pedestrians & traffic congestion.  I either bike, walk, or take public transit ….. it’s much faster anyway!  Since I prefer using my own bike, BIXI is probably of no use to me .  However, this is still an ingenious idea for a greener city.  Who knows, there might be times when I feel lazy about finding a spot to lock my bike or paranoid about bike vandalism!

I’m still trying to understand how it works: you pay an “access” fee + additional $ depending on how long you use it for.  Let’s say you rent it for 1hr 15min: you would pay $5 (access fee) + $1.50 (31-60 min) + $4.00 (61-90min) = $10.50.

I found a place en route to work that sells rotten ripe bananas….4 for $1.  I love eating bananas with peanut butter or mashing them for oatmeal!!  The riper the banana, the better!!  I used to love making banana bread, but now my bananas don’t last long enough to get baked into one!!  They disappear so fast!  I think I’ll keep this store a secret to reduce my banana competition! 😀

A rainy day calls for a walk down the underground system at lunch with Meredith.  We found the coolest store, “Essence du Papier“.  To describe this store….think Chapters’ gift area, but much bigger!!!  This store is filled with cute & awesome stationary – all colour coded & beautifully organized.  I’m a sucker for things that don’t look as they seem – how about a pen that looks like a pencil?  LOVE IT!

Well it’s time for the weekend – hot yoga with my mom tomorrow!

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