Milk Frother!

I dragged myself to a 1-hour swim last night.  Oh boy, was I unmotivated yesterday: I didn’t want to get out of the house, the thought of getting wet disgusted me, & I didn’t want to put pants jeans on :D.   With the “Just Do It” mentality (inside joke at work), I went on auto-pilot & got ready with my usual gears: swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, ear plugs, towel, Dudley lock, paddles, & a pull buoy.

I was out the door before I could hesitate.  They closed down half the pool for some weird swimming lesson…..honestly, they did more standing than swimming.

A milk frother was supposed to be on my early Christmas list.  Well, that didn’t happen.  When I went to Second Cup yesterday morning for my usual Latte Tuesdays deal, I noticed Trudeau milk frothers were on sale for 50% off!!!  I purchased one after work for only $3.15!!!

I had to try it last night.  It was too late for coffee, so I just frothed milk on its own…..& drank it. 😕

The foam doubled in size.  It’s not top-of-the-line since frothers usually create foam up to triple the original volume.  But considering the typical cost is more than $10, I’m satisfied with the results.  I can’t wait to make some out-of-this-world cappuccinos soon!!

On another note, I went inside a boiler today at work 😀 .  I can officially say to people: “I may not have ran a marathon, but I’ve been inside a boiler!  Beat that!!

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