Keep it Simple!

My home workout equipments are definitely not topnotch or extensive:

  • Exercise ball
  • Two 5 lbs dumbbells
  • Pull-up bar
  • Figure 8 resistance band
  • Gymboss Timer
  • 3 exercise books
  • Skipping ropes
  • Yoga mat
  • Elliptical Trainer

I don’t use many of them anymore.  I only use my Gymboss, yoga mat (not for yoga), pull-up bar, & dumbbell.  The elliptical is now a home decor (esp since it’s out of batteries!!) 🙂  I personally hate indoor cardio – it’s so boring!!  My cardio needs to be outdoors – running outside or cycling.  I guess swimming & spinning are exceptions.  I need fresh air & scenery….plus I get to tan & sport my pair of shades!!

I don’t need elaborate home equipments with bodyweight workouts.  Before my tendon injury 3 wks ago, I followed Zuzana’s schedule almost religiously (  Of course, having a variety of equipments makes workouts more interesting & fun.  But in the end, it is up to us to be self-disciplined to overcome the Brutus inside each of us.

I am satisfied with my home equipments.  The only thing I’ve been wanting is resistance band for “band assisted pull-ups” (I can’t find them anywhere).  Then again, maybe I’m saying this because I would rather spend money on cycling!!

The point is,  just keep it simple!!  You can do so much with your own bodyweight & a Gymboss timer (for interval workouts): burpees, jump lunges, push ups, snowboarders, plank jacks, pendulums, high knees, squats, reverse crunches, mountain climbers, Prisoner Get ups, Santana push ups, Reptiles, Superman, dive bombers, star crunches……….you get the point!!

I’ve talked the talk, but it’s time to walk the walk. I’ll do some arm & abs exercises before bed.  G’nite!

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