Saturday Routine

Happy Weekend!  Laser was still in bed when I went downstairs for breakfast.  My childhood blanket is now hers!!

The sink was already full of dishes this early in the morning.  Holy cow, how did this happen?

So I took matters into my own hands…..ahhh, MUCH better.  Who doesn’t love a clean sink?

I let my doggie out for her AM washroom break.  Of course, she’s the golden girl in this house….I had to stop whatever I was doing to open the door for her.  At least she was sitting patiently this time!  Normally, she “knocks” on the door with her paw (Where did she learn that????).


I had a glass of water, Black Tea (with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk) & a cereal combo (1 banana, 1 C puffed wheat cereal, 3/4 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk). I have to replenish my yogurt & pumpkin puree supplies soon…I miss them!  😦

I was still hungry afterward, so I had a gigantic nectarine.

Laser has several full-time jobs & takes them VERY seriously.  Not only is she our Security Guard, she’s also our Quality Control Inspector.  So before she had breakfast with me, she diligently performed some quality checks on our fruit bowl to ensure nothing was contaminated.

When she was certain our fruit was safe, she chowed down on her breakfast.

My routine activity during my Saturday breakfast is to peruse flyers & newspaper.  I love catching sales….especially grocery sales!!


I made a successful lunch today.  I seasoned my salmon with garlic powder & lots of black pepper.

  • Salmon, with Salsa on top
  • Tagliatelle (leftovers from yesterday’s dinner)
  • Lentils
  • Mushrooms

Laser thought I did a great job too…..sorry Laser, I can’t give you salmon!!

Snacks (throughout the day)

  • 2 Squares Ritter Sport Extra Fine Dark Chocolate 71% Cocoa
  • 11 raw almonds
  • Trail Mix (I got it at FreshCo for only $0.99!  What a steal!)

I was feeling so sluggish & tired today.  I caught up on some shows: The Big Bang Theory and America’s Next Great Restaurant.  Curtis Stone rocks my socks…..especially since he supported Sudhir (Spice Coast) to keep serving his Indian food traditionally on a platter.  I completely disagree with Steve Ells’ suggestion of making his chicken more “to-go” in a hand-held sandwich.  Aren’t there enough cultural food that has been ruined after being “Americanized”??  Don’t even get me started on Americanized Chinese food from Manchu Wok & Mandarin Buffets 😡 .  Oh my goodness gracious!!  Sorry about the rant.  Anyway, Go Curtis!

*Yawn* My tea this morning was not enough.  I needed a good energy booster, how about…..homemade Cappuccino!!  I don’t own a milk frother – I had to do it the most traditional way possible.  I heated milk in a pot while furiously whisking it to get air in there.  Look at that foamy goodness!! I sprinkled some cinnamon on top.

Can you spot Laser sunbathing in the background?

She looks quite annoyed with me – probably because I keep bothering her while she’s trying to relax under the sun!

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