Bike Surgery

My boss rocks my socks off.  Last week, I got into a crazy discussion with him about my vandalized bike.  I couldn’t believe it when he, also a biker, agreed to fix my bike!  This is beyond generous of him.

I brought my bike to work on Monday & we did an assessment during our lunch to identify everything we needed. The real magic began on Wednesday after work.  It was snowing heavily that day & he had to drive his car to work to bring his bike repair stand & toolbox.  I am so grateful for all the trouble he went through for me.  He meticulously repaired the tube cap, & wired up all the brakes/gear cables.  Within 2 hours of watching in awe, my friend bike was ALIVE!!!  😀  I was totally stoked!!

I had to leave  my bike at one of our steam plants (I work at an energy company) until today due to the snow outside.  It’s finally home with me… & sound.

All the cables intact!


2 thoughts on “Bike Surgery

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