New Fitness Purchases

I ran my first 10K on my own yesterday in 59:57:80 !  I am satisfied with this time for the moment.

However, I have never invested in a pair of good running shoes.  I’ve only started running since last January 2010.  A new pair of running shoes is needed ASAP!  This item has been long over-due, especially since I will be training for a 10K race come May 14!!

So I went to SportsChek to check out their running shoes sale today (50% off sale).   After a long talk with a Staff member (he was a such a great help), I ended up purchasing New Balance 768.  It’s geared towards Stability.  I have a low arch, so he said I will probably pronate outwards (excuse my lack of technical terms).  These shoes offer the stability to prevent that.  I was debating whether to get these shoes or the Saucony ProGrip 2 for its cushioning & wide forefoot area (to accommodate for swelling in the toe areas during long runs).  Not my favourite colour scheme, but it’s comfy (so far).  I checked the reviews online for these shoes once I returned home.  They were mostly negative…I’ll see if I have the same problems.

I went browsing around the store afterwards – ended up in the cycling heavensection!!  They were offering 50% off last year’s cycling wear.  So I snatched this jersey (have been eyeing it since last yr).  It was originally at $84.99, so I thought it would be on-sale for $42.50.   But when I went to the cashier, I only had to pay $24!!  What a steal deal!  I also saw a Red Louis Garneau Jacket, orig for $64.99 (on-sale for $32.50).  hmmmm….Do I need another jacket?????  REALLY? I did already buy a neon yellow jacket at Sweet Pete’s in the Fall 2010 – but this red jacket would match so well with my new LG Axis 4.0 Road Bike.  hmmmmm……Luckily (or unluckily), I didn’t like the zipper – it kept getting stuck.  So I put it down.

I can’t wait to sport this jersey during my countless cycling tours this summer!!

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