Goodbye Foldie

I had to wave goodbye to my foldie today (Dahon Speed D7).  It was much less convenient than I thought.  It weighs 27.6 lbs….doesn’t sound heavy??  Considering I have to carry it up & down many flights of stairs between train platforms and work, this is DARN HEAVY!  My office building doesn’t permit bikes inside; I have to fold & roll it to the elevator.  This bike could not roll properly!  It kept tipping over & the pedals kept banging against my knees.

After 2 weeks of trying it out, I got multiple bruises and shoulder & back soreness.  I just had to return it… got to the point where I dreaded taking my bike to work.

I took it on the train with me for the last time this morning en route to Urbane.  They deducted 10% off my original purchase price as a restocking fee & for a “scratch” that they spotted.

Farewell my Foldie.  It was fun (& painful) while it lasted.  I will never forget all the talks it sparked amongst curious strangers along the way…..not to mention all the “weird” looks from passers-by that begged the question: “What on earth is that??”

I wish you luck for a better owner soon!! 😛

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