A Foldie?!

I am officially a proud owner of a folding bike.  Thanks to my vandalized bike experience, I no longer have a bike for commuting & I am now paranoid about locking my bike anywhere.  It must be within my sight at all times.  I needed to bring my bike on the train, take it to my office, & store it under my desk in my cubicle……only a Folding bike can satisfy these criteria.   I have never been a fan of Foldies….I cannot accept its awkward appearance & upright position.  I much prefer performance bikes & sitting in an aerodynamic-bent over position.  I will definitely need time to adjust.

After researching for a week, I finally settled for a Dahon Speed D7.

I went to Urbane Cyclist after work today to test-ride PLUS purchase it!  Oh goodness, what have I gotten myself into HAHA. 😀 This baby went home with me on the train today.

I realized after I returned home that I was missing my bike manual & rear Tire valve cap.  I will have to go back to Urbane tomorrow.  My transportation of choice tomorrow is…….you guessed it, this Foldie!

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