Bike Tragedy

“Distraught” is the word of the day.  On my way home after a great day at work, I went to the GO station to pick up my bike.  I couldn’t believe my eyes…..someone killed murdered destroyed my bike!  My beloved friend that was there for me, rain or shine, all summer long on bike tours ….my buddy, my transportation, my everything.  I just got my bike tuned up 1 week ago :cry:.

There was something crazy going on that day.  My bike wasn’t the only target.  The bike beside me was missing both wheels.  Those rascals cut up all my gear & brake cables and stole my tube cap.  Basically, all its “arteries” & “veins” were cut up.  Due to the missing tube cap, the wheel & handlebars became completely separate entities.  When I lifted my bike, the bike frame could come right off the fork.

Missing tube cap

Bluntly speaking, I curse whoever did this.  Such a wonderful piece of engineered creation suddenly became a sad old piece of metal.  😦  I will get you fixed somehow buddy!

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