Tour de Greenbelt Day#4

UPDATE: I somehow made it on the official video for this tour!  Check it out here!  Can you spot me (red helmet)? 😀  I’m on the still-shot before the video starts!!


I enjoyed Tour de Greenbelt Day#1 so much that I immediately went home that day & registered for Day#4….Uxbridge & Durham Region.  So here I am today!!!  It’s a 45km route, but don’t let this short distance fool you….the route had lots of evil rolling hills.  The starting & finishing lines were at Elgin Park.

After getting our ride kits & grabbing a breakfast (bagels with local jam, coffee, pear), we gathered at the starting line for some stretching & speeches.

Then we were off.  Along the routes were rest stations featuring locally grown fruits, Taste of Nature granola bar (Niagara Apple Country), & water.  My favourite rest station of the day was Annina’s Bakeshop and Cafe.  It offers delicious home-made pastries……I can’t remember the name of the pastry I bought 😦  It was yummy, but next time if I am ever there again, I want to try their famous tarts.  There was a bee that tried to attack me while I was trying to enjoy my pastry on the patio.  I think it tried to sting me because it later got stuck on my cycling mitts.

There was a rest station at Siloam Orchards.  They have almost everything “apple”, from apple butter to apple cidar.  I tried a cup of nice cold apple cidar.  I thought they were giving out complimentary apple cidar, but the staff wasn’t aware of it.  In the midst of all the confusion, they ended up giving it to me for free.  Thank you guys!!  It was fresh & delicious!

Another memorable rest station is Coopers CSA Farm and Corn Maze.  They had rows of pumpkins and TURKEYS!!!!

Once we reached the finish line at Elgin Park, we were treated to a nice BBQ featuring foods grown in Ontario’s Greenbelt.  I had a pear, corn-on-the-cob, celery/carrot sticks, veggie burger (no bun) with tomato & onions on top, & a giant cookie!!

While enjoying my meal, I had a good chat with a family who was sitting at the same table.  The daughter (very young) was hilarious.  She was crying when she & her mom returned to the table after getting their food.  We asked them what happened and her mom said “She thought they had cheeseburgers!”  ahahaha….what a laugh.

I will definitely be back for Tour de Greenbelt next year.  I am so glad to be part of the experience this year.

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