Tour de Mississauga 2010

It’s a GO!!!  Today is the 3rd Annual Tour de Mississauga.  I registered for the 60 km “Signature” course that featured off-road trails & on-road routes within the NW quadrant of Mississauga.  The start and finish line were both at Streetsville Memorial Park.

I woke up early today  because departure was at 9:30AM.  It was such a great turn-out…..over 1000 people!  Events like these make me feel so proud of being part of the growing biking community.  After gathering my pre-ride goodies (coupons, t-shirt), we gathered at the starting line for some encouraging speeches by the one & only Hurricane Hazel!

Mayor Hazel McCallion

Then we were off!!!!  Those riding the 100km road-only “Challenge” route were off first (my brother!), followed by the 60km participants (Me!).  It was initially a traffic jam as everyone tried to squeeze through the bridge out of the starting line (see picture above).  I was separated from the main group about 12km into the ride because my water bottle flew out of its cage when I went over a huge bump on the trail.  There was a guy that stopped for me (thank you!) and we rode a couple of km together before a huge group caught up with us from behind while we were waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

At the half-way point, a lemonade stand was set up for us.  I’m not much of a juice person, but after working up a sweat, I needed some nice cold drink…..and a quick rest.

A free BBQ greeted us at the finish line.  I had a burger, a scoop of pasta salad, a granola bar, & water.  yum yum.

Thank you MCAC for organizing such a successful event today!  For those who enjoys biking, make sure to register next year!  There are different routes/distance available for every level!

Next year, if they are still offering the 100km road course, I will definitely give that a try.  I am hoping to purchase a road bike by then!

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