Tour de Greenbelt 2010 Day#1

UPDATE: I can’t believe I’m not in any of the official pictures, except for one where I’m lining up for the potty!!!  😀 Check it out here! I’m 2nd in line….almost there! HAHA!


It’s Tour de Greenbelt season!!!!!  Tour de Greenbelt allows everyone of all ages to explore Ontario’s Greenbelt by bike, which is 1.8M acres of protected land around the Golden Horseshoe.  It’s divided into 2 weekends, 4 days in Total.

Today is Day#1….the St.Catherines/Niagara Region.  It’s a 50km route with starting & finishing line at Henry of Pelham Winery.  My brother & I arrived by 9:30AM to get our ride kits and grab some breakfast.  They had bagels with locally made jam, local pears, & coffee/hot chocolate.  I opted for a bagel with strawberry-rhubarb jam & coffee.

At 10AM, everyone was anxiously waiting at the starting line.  We looked so excited that the leaders decided not to give us a ‘stretching’ session.  WE WERE OFF….ding ding!

Starting Line...there were way more people than this (Trust me!)

Along the routes, there were multiple rest stations.  Each was equipped with a porta-potty (or two), some locally grown peaches (I was obsessed with those), local apples, & Taste of Nature granola bars.

Rest Station @ Uncle Porky's Pork Farm

My favourite rest station was at Ridgepoint Winery.  They gave us complimentary wine tasting.  I tried Dry Riesling…what a treat!  I was going to go for an ice wine too, but I thought there was another winery rest station.  Being on a bike, I needed to have ‘control’.  So I opted for just 1 sample.  Later I found out that this was the only winery station……darn-it!

Rest Station @ Ridgepoint Winery

We were treated to a Post-ride BBQ with live entertainment. The foods were all grown within Ontario’s Greenbelt.  I helped myself to a corn-on-the-cob, veggie burger (no bun), Nature’s granola bar, salad, peach, & pear.  I loved the corn so much that I went for seconds.

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